Remote Patient Monitoring – Made Health Management Easier

RPM is a subset of telehealth that facilitates healthcare monitoring as well as the timely transfer of patient-generated data from patient to care team and feedback to the patient, it can surely ease the burden on both providers and patients. To capture data, RPM can employ a host of wired or wireless peripheral measurement devices such as smart wearables, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, smart scales and so on.

Transtek RPM System

Remote patient monitoring is transforming the healthcare industry nowadays and helping millions of people. RPM technology is surging and connected technology is playing a vital role, as an experienced healthcare device and solution provider, Transtek is making our solutions smarter. 

From connected healthcare devices, connectivity technology, APP, platform and cloud server, Transtek has the total solution. No matter where you are, Transtek can help your business seize the opportunities of the connected world. Contact us now!

Advantage of Transtek RPM System

Varies Healthcare Devices

Multiple healthcare devices like bracelet、smart health watch、blood pressure monitor and smart scale with authority certification such as CFDA, FDA, KFDA, IOS9001 and so on. 


Connected Technology

Transtek products covers all kinds of connection methods from 4G, Cellular, eMTEC, NBIOT, WIFI and Bluetooth, which allows patients stay at home and finish the health measurements easily.


Reliable Health Data

Transtek has accumulated millions of health data which has the ability and experience about data analytics as well as storage. Collect qualitative &quantitative patient data to host on high-availability secured clouds with encryption.

IOT Platform

Offers enterprise users a simple, intuitive and efficient system, and individual user a senior-friendly mobile app.


RPM Feature & Application

Our devices are equipped with sensors to keep track of the user’s physical activity、heart rate、sleep situation、blood pressure and other health related indicators. Having fitness and health data transferred from our devices directly to the patient’s health record helps physicians:

1.Better monitor patients remotely
Now capacity increases and doctors can treat more patients.

2.Improved quality of care
Physicians and patients connect more directly, better engaged patients have a tendency to take control of their health. 

3.Improved support, education and feedback, promote self-monitoring
Lower costs and higher efficiency.


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