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RPM is a subset of telehealth that facilitates healthcare monitoring as well as the timely transfer of patient-generated data from patient to care team and feedback to the patient, it can surely ease the burden on both providers and patients. To capture data, RPM can employ a host of wired or wireless peripheral measurement devices such as smart wearables, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, smart scales and so on.

Transtek – Reliable and Market-leading RPM Devices Provider

Transtek – Reliable and Market-leading RPM Devices Provider
The popularity of telemedicine has been on the rise since the outbreak of the pandemic, it brings in new models of care along remote patient monitoring (RPM) of key health metrics to improve chronic care management.


As an early RPM devices provider, Transtek is on a mission to assist care providers to improve chronic care management including hypertension and diabetes by combining technological expertise and credibility. Nearly 20 years of experience in the industry is helping Transtek to meet the growing demands of RPM.

RPM Competency

What places Transtek a cut above others is our accumulated technology and ease of use products.

Trusted Manufacturing Solutions

Design, manufacture innovative, qualified, easy to use products that meet the rapidly increasing needs from RPM care provides.

Advanced Connected technology

Our products are knitted well with RPM systems which are powered by wireless connectivity including 4G, Cellular, eMTC, NB-IoT, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Global medical certifications

All our RPM products are medically certified that meets regulatory consultancy.

Transtek RPM Features

Global Medical Certifications

Q: Is Your Product FDA approved?
A: Yes, Transtek products are FDA certified.

Q: Do you have an API or SDK?
A: Yes, after the device connected with Transtek APP via Bluetooth, SDK will be shared with you and the device can be connected to your own platform.

Q: How does it activate on the cellular network?
A: Cellular device need to use the SIM card, the device will be activated when the SIM card is activated successfully.


Q: What is the lead time and MOQ?
A: Around 45 days and  2000pcs.

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