Transtek – Reliable and Market-leading RPM Devices Provider

Transtek – Reliable and Market-leading RPM Devices Provider
The popularity of telemedicine has been on the rise since the outbreak of the pandemic, it brings in new models of care along remote patient monitoring (RPM) of key health metrics to improve chronic care management.


As an early RPM devices provider, Transtek is on a mission to assist care providers to improve chronic care management including hypertension and diabetes by combining technological expertise and credibility. Nearly 20 years of experience in the industry is helping Transtek to meet the growing demands of RPM.

RPM Competency

What places Transtek a cut above others is our accumulated technology and ease of use products.

Trusted Manufacturing Solutions

Design, manufacture innovative, qualified, easy to use products that meet the rapidly increasing needs from RPM care provides.

Advanced Connected technology

Our products are knitted well with RPM systems which are powered by wireless connectivity including 4G, Cellular, eMTC, NB-IoT, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Global medical certifications

All our RPM products are medically certified that meets regulatory consultancy.

Transtek RPM Features

Who We Help

Transtek will provide you with the most satisfactory devices to help your RPM business achieve rapid growth.

RPM Devices Provider

Those who provide telehealth and remote patient monitoring devices for RPM service provider.


Transtek will provide high-quality devices according to your requirements, which will help you improve your RPM devices production and supply capabilities.

Telehealth Service Provider

Those who provide telehealth and remote patient monitoring solutions for caregivers.


The devices provided by Transtek can better adapt to your RPM system, which will help you improve your RPM service capabilities.

Advanced Devices for RPM

  • BS-2001-G Digital Body Scale Transtek

    Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Devices, Weight Management Equipment Electronic Body Scale. Reinforced with 8mm Thick Tempered Glass, Non-slip Platform Surface Smart Scale with 250kg Maximum Capacity

    Standout Features

    1.The use of 4G network technology embedded in the Cellular body weight scale BS-2001-G allows connected to remote patient monitor (RPM) platform.
    2.Remote patient monitoring (RPM)  is a technology to extend health monitoring of patients from conventional clinical to the patients' home or remote area.
    3.It's important feature that the platform size have increased 30% more than usual bathroom scale as 360mm x 360mm. 

  • LS802-GS Blood Pressure Monitor Transtek

    Connected Telehealth Devices Blood Pressure Monitor, Hypertension Management Equipment Cellular Blood Pressure Monitor with XXL LCD Display, Medically approved and Clinically Validated Smart BPM.

    Standout Features

    1.Medically approved
    2.Connect to 4G network and applies to RPM platform
    3.Extra-large and clear LCD display with white digitals
    4.Automatic turn off without any operation after 1 minute
    5.One key operation
    6.eMTC technology

What is Transtek IoT Platform

Device Management As a Service

With the market penetration of Health IoT products, we build up our own IoT platform, it is powerful yet easy-to-use and connects all devices easily which allows for device communication, management and data storage efficiently. No matter where you are, Transtek can help your business seize the opportunities of the connected world.

Data Security




Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions

Q: Is Your Product FDA approved?

A: Yes, Transtek products are FDA certified.

Q: Do you have an API or SDK?

A: Yes, API or SDK documents could be available.

Q: How does it activate on the cellular network?

A: Cellular device need to use the SIM card, the device will be activated when the SIM card is activated successfully.

Q: What is the lead time and MOQ?

A: Around 45 days and 2000pcs.

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Clear Competitive Advantages

Reduce software development cost
Track device status in real-time and traceable
Increase after-sales service efficiency
Continuous data analysis support