How to choose the best glass bathroom scale

How to choose the best glass bathroom scale

Jun 29 2020

Whether your goal is to reduce excess weight or maintain your current weight, you want to get the best glass bathroom scale at the right price. The following is an overview of the features of popular bathroom scales to help you determine which scale is right for you.

Digital and Mechanical
Digital bathroom scales have digital readings, which are displayed on a small screen in front of the scale. Traditional spring-based mechanical bathroom scales have a pin, which can be adjusted according to the weight of the person once placed on the scale. The service life of modern digital scales is often longer than that of mechanical scales. To extend the battery life, choose a digital scale that uses lithium instead of alkaline batteries.

You can store your personal weight history records for multiple days on the scale, making it easier to track the progress of your diet. The convenient two-step weighing process can also be used to determine the weight of pets, transport boxes or luggage.

Physical Analysis
Some advanced digital scales can calculate different aspects of body composition, such as fat to muscle ratio, hydration level or both. People who try to increase muscle mass are better off using body composition scales. The information provided by the body analysis scale is also helpful to dieters, especially during the weight loss process. The body analysis scale will show whether the body fat percentage is decreasing.

High Capacity 
All bathroom scales have weight restrictions, and many of the best scales weigh around 300 pounds. If your weight exceeds this weight, you need a high-capacity scale. You can also estimate your daily calorie intake to help you maintain your current weight.

Easy to Read Display
People with poor eyesight or physical disabilities usually have difficulty reading the monitor on the bathroom scale. For those who have these difficulties, the best scale is the large LCD display.

Tips for Using Scales
The best scale for you is the one that meets your standards. When using bathroom scales, remember that your weight fluctuates naturally during the day depending on the food you eat, so it is important to have a daily routine weight to ensure accuracy.

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