TRANSTEK Attended the MEDICA 2019 in Dusseldorf, Germany

TRANSTEK Attended the MEDICA 2019 in Dusseldorf, Germany

Nov 28 2019

On November 18, 2019, the 51st MEDICA 2019 was held in Dusseldorf, German, which is an international medical exhibition, as well as an exhibition of medical devices and spare parts. The annual MEDICA, known for its comprehensiveness and frontiers, is known as the global No. 1 medical trade fair for the industry. 

The exhibition, which includes the latest equipment, products, technologies and services in all fields of the global medical industry, is a major international event that integrates technology, trade and information. The exhibition attracted 5,000+ exhibitors from 150 countries around the world, with an exhibit space spanning more than 110,000 square meters.


Transtek (securities code:300562), a well-known, Technology and manufacturing leader in Remote Patient Monitoring ( RPM ) Solutions and Services, appeared at the exhibition. Transtek showcasing the certified Blood Pressure Monitor products, and this Blood Pressure Monitor has become the focus on the trade fair.

Transtek focuses on Designing, Solution, Manufacturing, and Selling high-quality medical devices to Europe, the United States and Japan. With strong R&D capabilities, large-scale production capacity and strict QC system, Transtek has always provided customers with integrated "health intelligence hardware + software" Chronic disease management solutions, and continuously enhancing product value.

The success behind the shipment of 90+ million units of IoT and health devices around the world is the evidence of Transtek's reliable manufacturing power, as well as the innovation capability and excellent service.


In terms of service, a complete product line for no matter of fitness tracker, smart health watch 
or blood pressure monitor. As well as comprehensive capabilities of researching and developing critical components or core algorithms, the operation capacity of the Internet, the big data platform, and so on. Moreover, Transtek has done a lot of research and development in health equipment technology, developed laboratories in the United States, and has professional research teams in Shenzhen and Shanghai.

In recent years, Transtek positioned it as the RPM leader of technology and manufacturing, to highlight the Transtek's technical advantages. In addition to the production of health equipment, Transtek helps IoT vertical industry customers to complete intelligent transformation, including RPM remote patient monitoring industry, healthcare and wellness management industry, smart wearable and livestock feeding of sports drugs.

To provide a more scientific and intelligent health management program to the end-users, Transtek continuously strengthens cooperation with Cooper aerobics to build the first global aerobic health management system.


The "Transtek Cloud", relying on the company's four core capabilities of "global medical certification of full range of products "," independent research and development of core components and algorithms "," multi-dimensional data fusion" and "health big data and AI ", has provided the hardware manufacturers with unified intelligent hardware access to the network and dramatically reduces the hardware access cost.

In future, Transtek will keep on R&D, to integrate the latest technology with the product, to explore the possibility of more comprehensive and closer cooperation with high-quality customers in broader areas such as intelligent medical health, and achieve joint sustainable development.


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