Feb 27 2020

How to choose an electronic blood pressure machine?

When it comes to the prevention and treatment of hypertension, the electronic sphygmomanometer has to be mentioned. The electronic sphygmomanometer is the basis for understanding blood pressure, and it is also the basis

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Feb 06 2020

How to choose the right kitchen digital weighing scale?

With the advancement of technology and people's love for cooking, kitchen digital weighing scale has become indispensable small appliances in the kitchen of many friends. A small kitchen scale can help users accurate

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Feb 17 2020

Close Attention to Your Blood Pressure Electronic Blood Pressure Machine

Why is it essential to give care to your blood pressure? High blood pressure usually does not cause clear symptoms, and that’s the reason it needs to be a check on a regular basis. If you do not visit a doctor, it

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Feb 10 2020

Fighting With Coronavirus | Transtek Has Donated 1500 Sets of Medical-grade Digital Blood Pressure Monitors and the Matching RPM System To Wuhan

Under the grim situation of the Coronavirus in China these days, Transteck actively performed its social responsibility while donating 1500 sets of medical-grade digital blood pressure monitors and the matching RPM syste

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Feb 03 2020

Transtek At CES2020

CES is the biggest show of the year and we were excited for 2020! If there’s one thing we can count on seeing at CES2020, it’s an abundance of 5G hardware — be it cellular-connected refrigerat

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