Jan 27 2020

The Convenience That Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Brought To Our Life

Digital blood pressure monitor Digital blood pressure monitors are generally placed on the wrist; however, we can also be used on the upper arm or the finger and are started just by pressing a key. They read the blood p

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Dec 25 2019

TRANSTEK to Attend CES2020 in Las Vegas

Transtek (securities code:300562), a well-known enterprise that provides products, solutions and services in the Remote Patient Monitoring(RPM) industry, will attend CES2020 from January 7-10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. C

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Dec 20 2019

TRANSTEK Joins Hands with JD Health to Launch ECG Smart Health Watch H1

On December 19, 2019, the contract signing ceremony of Transtek and Jingdong Health was held at Jingdong headquarter in Beijing. At the same time, the Transtek new product LIFESENSE medical-grade ECG smart health watch H

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Jan 17 2020

Who Should Not Use An Electronic Blood Pressure Machine?

In real life, many people suffer from the disease of hypertension. During the development of such diseases, human health is usually damaged. At this time, the fragility of blood vessels in the human body may increase, wh

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Dec 30 2019

Mercury Blood Pressure Monitor and Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, Which Measurement Is More Accurate?

For people with hypertension, it is crucial to monitor their blood pressure on time. Buying a simple blood pressure monitor to measure your blood pressure at home can be convenient and save a lot of time. And the digital

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