How to use the upper arm digital electronic blood pressure monitor?

The electronic blood pressure monitor is a medical device that uses modern electronic technology and indirect measurement of blood pressure to measure blood pressure. It has arm and wrist, and is the main tool for self-testing blood pressure in the home. Among them, the wrist blood pressure monitor is not suitable for the elderly. Because the blood pressure of the elderly is already high and the blood pressure is high, the results measured with such a blood pressure monitor have been reduced much compared with the blood pressure pumped by the heart itself. This measurement has no reference value. So the following mainly describes how to use the arm sphygmomanometer to measure blood pressure correctly.

1. Unfold the arm band of the upper arm electronic blood pressure monitor to prevent the arm band from falling off the metal collar.

2. When measuring, if the weather is not cold, barely expose the arm. If you wear more clothes, do not roll up the cuffs while measuring, but take off the clothes.

3. Put the armband of the blood pressure monitor on the left arm. The bottom of the armband needs to be 2~3 cm higher than the elbow. The green mark should be on the inner side of the arm of Egypt. The air tube must be in the extension line of the middle finger.

4. Hold the end of the arm of the sblood pressure monitor and pull it while wrapping the arm band tightly around the arm.

5, the upper arm blood pressure monitor can also be measured on the right arm, according to the above steps, you can accurately measure the blood pressure value.

How to use the upper arm digital electronic blood pressure monitor?