Smart Health Watch

Smart health watch have become a must-have item for modern people. According to statistics, almost 7 out of every 10 people wear smart health watches. Different ages have different smart watches. Lexin Medical has developed different styles of smart watches for different age groups, equipped with different functions.


1, adult smart watches
This is a smart sports watch for modern young people with features that meet the simple needs of modern young people. The watch can make a phone call, send and receive text messages by Bluetooth synchronous mobile phone, and realize daily communication. Many young people work overtime and nights and play mobile phones all the time, often resulting in poor sleep quality. The smart watch can monitor sleep, monitor heart rate, and remind users of the current physical condition in real time. Not only that, the watch also has sedentary reminders, running steps, compass and other functions, suitable for long-term sitting in the office to work, regularly reminding to rest at the appropriate time.
2, the elderly smart watch
This is a smart watch for the elderly. It has the function to be used as an alarm clock for the elderly living alone, reducing some of the concerns of their children.
The watch has ultra-precise GPS positioning, providing the children with the current geographical location of the elderly in real time, providing an umbrella for the elderly to travel. Not only that, the smart watch can also make family calls and emergency calls. When the elderly find that they are unwell, they can get in touch with the guardian in time. The core function of this smart health watch is as a health butler, with heart rate monitoring, medication reminders and many other features tailored for the elderly, to provide protection for the health of the elderly!
3, children's positioning smart watch
This is a smart watch for children that provides protection for children in real time, reducing the concerns of guardians.
The watch has multiple positioning, two-way calling, SOS help, remote monitoring, intelligent anti-lost and other functions to protect children's safety and give children a healthy and safe growth environment!

Smart Health Watch