What is the peeling function of kitchen digital weighing scales?

Imagine that when you realize that the tray will add extra weight to the measurement, you can weigh the dinner on the Transtek kitchen digital weighing scale. With Transtek kitchen digital weighing scales, you don't need to weigh your empty plates, and then weigh and perform mathematical operations after loading the food. Just press the tare button to remove the weight of the plate. The tare function resets the scale to zero and will automatically subtract the weight of the bowl or pan from the measurement.

The same peeling function is very convenient when measuring ingredients during baking or cooking. It is important to make accurate measurements, especially when baking, otherwise your recipe may not achieve the desired results. After measuring each component, simply reset the weight to zero, and subsequent components will have accurate weights.

If all the items are weighed in the mixing bowl on the scale, no measuring cup is needed, which means that the use of plates is reduced! This is particularly useful for sticky ingredients such as peanut butter or honey. In addition, when actually weighing the ingredients, you don't need various measuring cups and spoons.

The shortcut for the peeling function is to place the bowl or plate on the scale, and then turn on the scale for measurement. At this time, the display will show 0 without actually pressing the peeling button. Remember, the total weight of your kitchen scale remains the same, so you can reach the maximum weight before the maximum weight appears on the display. For larger recipes, we recommend using Transtek 
Digital Kitchen Scale with a maximum weight of 15 pounds.

The tare function is a convenient function for health-conscious bakers and chefs. Tare removal will help you accurately measure portions and ingredients without the use of mathematical operations!

What is the peeling function of kitchen digital weighing scales?