Arm Blood Pressure Monitor
Transtek Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor TMB-1971
Monitoring Blood Pressure Trend, Super Large Full Color Screen, Easy To Read.
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    Product Parameters

    Product Name                

    Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor TMB-1971 Transtek             

    Measurement Type                

    Upper Arm

    Cuff Size                

    22-32cm / 22-42cm

    Dimensions (cuff is not included)                

    102 x 107 x 40mm


    LCD V.A. Size: 52 × 58mm

    Power Source                

    4 × AAA Optional AC

    Measurement during                


    CE & FDA approval                

    CE & FDA                

    Memory Capacity                

    2 users × 60                

    Measurement mode                

    Oscillographic testing mode                

    Measurement range                

    Rated cuff pressure: 0kPa - 40kPa (0mmHg~300mmHg)
    Measurement pressure: 5.3kPa-30.7kPa (40mmHg-230mmHg)
    Pulse value: (40-199) beat/minute


    Pressure: 5℃-40℃within±0.4kPa(3mmHg); Pulse value:±5%                



    Bluetooth version                


    Intellisense technology                

    Inflates the cuff to the ideal level for each use                

    Irregular heartbeat detection                

    Indicates if irregular heartbeat is detected                

    Electrical Properties                

    Rated Voltage

    Physical properties                

    Rated Life
    30000 cycles

    Pneumatic Properties                

    Free Flow

    Essential Features                

    Clinically Validated
    Blood Pressure Level Indicator
    Irregular Heartbeat Detection
    Average of last 3 values
    Excessive Body Motion Detector
    Date/Time Indication

    Standout Features                

    1. Monitoring Blood Pressure Trend.
    2. Super Large Full Color Screen, easy to read.
    3. 2 Groups and 60 Times of Memory.
    4. Large Button, Comfortable Touch

  • 1.Why Do My Readings Vary?

    Blood pressure is a body parameter that is subject to normal variations throughout the day. A single reading that is different from yours or your doctor’s readings are not necessarily inaccurate.The average of several readings, taken under similar conditions, using the same arm is suggested for accurate blood pressure readings.


    2.Do You Offer OEM Service?
    Of course. We provide you guaranteed home use life source upper arm blood pressure monitor in your brand. 

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Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor TMB-1971 Transtek