Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor has the function of tracking heart rate and ECG professionally, with super endurance function, it is suitable for all kinds of people to wear.
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    ECG On Demand

    Bluetooth heart rate monitor gives you the opportunity to take an ECG anytime and anywhere. With its proprietary ECG solution, and adaptive wavelet & automatic noise reduction algorithm, the watch reads the electrical heart impulses in your fingertip precisely and you’ll never miss a Fib episode.

    24/7 Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring

    By adapting the 4-LED solutions to Bluetooth heart rate monitor for tracking the heart rate continuously and accurately. The new design provides enhanced optical performance for overcoming motion artifact during vigorous exercises. The algorithm intelligently adjusts the LED intensities under different ambient light conditions, which maximally optimizes power consumption without compromising the heart rate accuracy.

    Built-In GPS

    Built-in navigation sensors include three-axis compass, gyroscope and barometric altimeter as well as Bi-Satellite (GPS and GLONASS) network capability to track in more challenging environments than GPS alone.

    Advanced Sleep Monitoring

    Sleep can improve your health, your mood and your overall well-being. Smart Watch Bracelet features advanced sleep monitoring to help you measure how much sleep you’re getting and how much time you spend in each stage of sleep. The watch pulls data from your heart rate and heart rate variability to measure how much time you spend in each sleep stage — light, deep and REM.


    Smart Watch Bracelet with water resistant to 50 meters, automatically tracks your swims and can be worn in the pool or shower.


    Digital heart rate monitor stay connected on the move with call and text notifications.

    Smart Watch Bracelet Product Parameters

    Lens Material            Strengthened and tempered glass            
    Bezel Material            Stainless steel 316            
    Case material            Fiber-reinforced polymer with metal rear cover            
    Watch band compatible            included (22 mm)            
    Strap material            Silicone            
    Physical size            252x 43.3x 11.8 mm            
    Display size            29.6mm diameter            
    Display resolution            240 x 240 pixels            
    Display type            sunlight-visible,transflective LTPS            
    Weight            45 g            
    Battery life            Smartwatch:Up to 12 days            
    Water rating            5 ATM            
    Color display            Yes            
    Sensor            Heart rate infrared sensor
    High precision 3-axis accelerometer
     Bi-Satellite (GPS and GLONASS)
    Connectivity            Bluetooth4.0 APOLLEO 2 Blue low-energy            
    Operating temperature            0°C to 40°C            
    Storage temperature            -20°C to 60°C            
    Connectivity            iOS compatibility (iOS 8 and higher)
    iPhone 4S and more recent
    iPod touch 5th generation and more recent
    iPad 3rd generation and more recent
    Android compatibility (5.0 and higher)

  • 1.How Does It Measure an Electrocardiogram (ECG)?

    ECG Health Watch includes three electrodes to ensure measurement accuracy. Two electrodes are discreetly integrated inside the main body of the watch, and the third electrode is in the stainless-steel bezel of the watch. Users simply need to touch both sides of the bezel to start recording ECG anytime and anywhere.

    2.Is It A Medically Approved Measurement?

    ECG Health Watch has been developed with medical experts and is currently under review to be CFDA/CE cleared.

    3.How Can I See The Results?

    After 20 seconds of measurement, Move ECG vibrates to notify users that the reading is complete. It then syncs automatically with the Health Mate app, where it displays if the heart is beating in a normal pattern or whether there are signs of AFib.Additionally,users can find a detailed graph in Health Mate of their long-term heart rate trends and ECG records.

    4.Can It Be Used as A Standalone GPS Running Watch Without The Phone?

    Yes, the watch uses built-in GPS for measuring speed and distance and offers up to 10 days battery life and 22-hour GPS tracking.

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