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Welcome to TRANSTEK...
TRANSTEK breaks ground in innovative communications technologies. Our products make two-way, real-time communications in prohibitive enviornments possible. Whether it's subsurface mining, a large industrial campus or a high-rise complex....anywhere traditional wireless handhelds face severe performance challenges.

We bring a deep appreciation for innovation and the value of the right idea at the right time to everything we do. The benefits to our customers include more profitable operations and a safer work environment.

As Edison's Miner's Lamp brought a new benchmark of safety to the mining industry, we believe real-time, two-way data and voice communications through-the-earth is the right idea at the right time and will establish a new benchmark of safety for all sub-surface industries.

TEK designs and manufactures state-of-the-art two-way systems for just these difficult environments. These systems enable mine workers, supervisors, maintenance and safety personnel to overcome the limitations of conventional radio systems — all making the work environment safer.

TRANSTEK systems are engineered with flexibility, interoperability and durability in mind.

A Vision for Underground Wireless Communications & Rescue Technologies

TRANSTEK was founded by Dr. Steve Meiksin with the vision of dramatically improving the communications technologies available for underground use. More than repackaged off-the-shelf technology, TRANSTEK has develped patented technologies and products unique to the marketplace. With a combination of advanced digital technology and a keen understanding of the requirements of the underground environment, TRANSTEK is poised to meet a range of exacting customer requiremetns with a comprehensive set of solutions.

TRANSTEK currently offers the following products that increase both safety and operational efficiency:

ComCell Underground: In-Mine system for underground installations

ComCell Wide-Terrestrial: In-building system for large buildings such as high-rises, or multi-building campuses.

ComCell Single-Site: For buildings as small as 100,000 square feet (9,300 square meters) to very cost-effective communications for staff & plant coordination.

ResQCom: Is a portable, battery operated system for emergency personnel such as mine rescue teams offering surface-to-mine communications cababilities.

TeleMag: Through-the-Earth system for underground installations.

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