Transtek Named One of the Top 10 APAC Telehealth Solution Provider 2020 by Healthcare Tech Outlook

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    Transtek, a leading Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) device and service provider, announces its recognition by Healthcare Tech Outlook as one of the Top 10 APAC telehealth solution providers 2020.

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    December 16, 2020

    Transtek is a Chinese-based company that has nearly 20 years’ design, manufacturing and turn-key solution experience in delivering connected devices as well as services for top-notched brands worldwide. Healthcare Tech Outlook selected Transtek from among some of the most renowned companies because Transtek is providing exceptional solutions in the telehealth industry continuously while at the forefront of tackling challenges during the difficult time which brings unprecedented value to Telehealthcare.

    Nongfei Pan, Executive director of the board, Executive VP, Transtek and CEO of Transtek U.S. subsidiary -- Mio Labs Inc., mentioned that “At Transtek, our motto is ‘Transtek, Building Trust.’ We know that any technical manufacturer in the health and medical area needs to build trust between customers and suppliers, organizations, and patients. It’s far more important for medical devices than any other consumer electronics products,” Based on this, Transtek is becoming the reliable choice for partners that delivers devices as a platform for the RPM industry. 

    About Transtek:

    Founded in 2002, Transtek is a top-ranked OEM/ODM/JDM company and well known for its quality and design in manufacturing Medically Approved Products, Healthcare Electronic Scales and Smart Wearable Technologies. Since 2020, Transtek is becoming a leading company to provide devices as a platform for the RPM industry.

    About Healthcare Tech Outlook:

    Healthcare Tech Outlook is the leading healthcare technology print magazine providing a knowledge network for healthcare industry experts pursuing the goal of building a patient-centered healthcare system that promotes choice, quality and affordability. 

    Transtek Named One of the Top 10 APAC Telehealth Solution Provider 2020 by Healthcare Tech Outlook


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