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Electronic Manufacturing Services, Mastered.

Your reliable, flexible, and responsive OEM/ODM/JDM partner. Providing Healthcare, Medical, and Wearable devices manufacturing services that deliver value.

Our broad experience and highly qualified team members allow us to assist you at any stage in the product life cycle, from concept and design to full volume production.

Transtek: Concept-to-Volume
RPM Devices Design

From product specification to schematics and complete product design, we have the resources to turn your ideas into a product. Our highly experienced project managers have the business and engineering background to meet your specifications and reduce time to market.

  • Innovating your design with global market-based engineering teams.

  • Turn your design into a tangible prototype.

Our Services:

  • System Definitions.

  • Design Renderings.

  • Component Definition.

  • Concept Refinement.

  • Electrical Schematics.

  • Mechanical Design and Tooling.

  • Modeling (3D, Rapid).

RPM Devices Engineering/Prototyping

Everyone from our engineers to our assembly team is trained in the detail-oriented quality processes required for prototype development. We are also capable of providing design for manufacturing (DFM) services so you can make small adjustments at this phase which will translate to yield improvements when you get to production.

Our Services:

  • PCB Layout and Fabrication.

  • Regulatory Compliance.

  • Systems Integration.

  • Design for Manufacturing.

  • Software and hardware for mass production.

  • Custom structural design.

  • Configurable turnkey solution.

  • Joint development.

RPM Devices Parts Procurement
Parts Procurement

Our professional buyers have the industry knowledge and contacts to find you the best price and turn time for your assembly needs.
Whether it is the latest technology or obsolete parts, buying from overseas, we are experienced in finding the full spectrum of components needed.

Our Services:

  • Quick turn parts procurement

  • Consignment inventory management

  • Managing Certificates of Compliance and other documentation

  • Leveraging volume purchasing with other assembly orders to get you the best price available

RPM Devices Quality and Product Assurance
Quality and Product Assurance

We provide complete product reliability testing, inspection and qualification capabilities to support your full product lifecycle requirements. Our quality and product assurance teams perform product life testing and full circuit characterization to ensure that designs meet or exceed required specifications. We are capable of testing for various industry standards, and we work closely with you to execute unique test protocols, enabling you to assess certification risks early in the product development lifecycle, reducing cost and speed-to-market.

Our Services:

  • Reliability testing

  • Environmental and EMC Testing

  • Test Results/Safety Certifications

  • Functional Testing

  • 510K application

  • First Article Inspection (FAI)

RPM Devices Manufacturing

Mass production is a carefully prepared step of your product lifecycle. Once your design is safe and your product functional, mass production is envisioned. We offer the full solution which includes an extensive set of tools and additional value-added services with the single goal of bringing your products to market efficiently, at the right time and with the quality desired. To do so, we put the emphasis on providing you with the most skilled engineering and production teams at the service of your product, in addition to cutting edge equipment and technologically advanced capabilities. (Ⅰ)Global medically certified. (Ⅱ)Consistency and Reliability. (Ⅲ)Scalability.

RPM Serivices
Our Services:
  • Manufacturing process development.

  • Manufacturing test development.

  • Jigs and fixtures that optimize your manufacturing operations.

  • Rapid product introduction services for first-generation consumer products at initial low volumes.

  • Label printing and custom packaging.

  • Drop shipment to your end customer.

RPM Solution

·Software and hardware for mass production.
·Custom structural design.
·Configurable turnkey solution.
·Joint development.
·Medical certification.

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