How to choose an electronic blood pressure machine?

When it comes to the prevention and treatment of hypertension, the electronic sphygmomanometer has to be mentioned. The electronic sphygmomanometer is the basis for understanding blood pressure, and it is also the basis for assisting doctors in adjusting blood pressure medicine. At present, the more common electronic sphygmomanometers on the market can be divided into two types: arm type and wrist type. Many people often find it difficult to choose between the two. So, how to choose an electronic sphygmomanometer to accurately measure blood pressure?

1.Blood sphygmomanometer
The arm 
electronic blood pressure machine mainly measures brachial artery blood pressure. It is generally believed that the brachial artery blood pressure value is the most accurate and the closest to the hospital measurement.
At the same time, the arm sphygmomanometer is also suitable for some special people, such as those with blood circulation disorders such as patients with diabetes and hypertension. The blood pressure at the upper arm of this part of the population is significantly different from other blood pressure values. If an arm sphygmomanometer is not used, some measurement results may be inconsistent with the actual results. Therefore, to accurately measure blood pressure, the above people should choose an arm blood pressure monitor。

In addition, before using the arm type sphygmomanometer, the subject should first evacuate the gas in the cuff of the sphygmomanometer, and then choose the upper arm with a higher blood pressure value for measurement. Do not tie the cuff to your clothes. The cuff should be in direct contact with the skin of your upper arm to reduce measurement errors.

2.Wrist electronic blood pressure machine
The wrist electronic blood pressure machine mainly measures the arterial blood pressure. As a result, the arm electronic 
blood pressure machine does not measure accurately. However, the wrist sphygmomanometer is convenient to carry, and is more suitable for people who are traveling and traveling. It should be particularly noted that the wrist sphygmomanometer is not suitable for people with blood pressure disorders, because there will be some measurement results that are not consistent with the actual.

In addition, when using the wrist blood pressure timer, the subject should take a sitting posture, and the left wrist is the best measurement. When measuring, pay attention to extend the palm of the left hand upward so that the elbow is equal to the heart and the upper arm is 45 ° to the body. Angle, at the same time pay attention to the left hand of the measurement to relax, do not make a fist, so as not to affect the measurement results.

In summary, the measurement results of the arm sphygmomanometer are more accurate, especially for people with blood pressure circulation disorders, while the wrist sphygmomanometer is suitable for people who go out from time to time. But we need to remind everyone that no matter which electronic sphygmomanometer you choose, there are some things you should pay attention to when measuring to reduce measurement errors.

How to choose an electronic blood pressure machine?


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