Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Devices, Weight Management Equipment Electronic Body Scale. Reinforced with 8mm Thick Tempered Glass, Non-slip Platform Surface Smart Scale with 250kg Maximum Capacity
  • Digital-Body-Analyzer-Scale





    BS-2001-G Digital Body Scale

    Dimensions            360x360x36.2mm            
    Net Weight            3.5kg            
    Display            85x53mm            
    Capacity            250kg            
    Minimal Weight            5kg            
    Division            0.1kg/0.2lb            
    Power            6.0V 4xAA            
    Auto-OFF            About 10±2s after auto-zero,or about 10±2s after the weight is stable. The scale will turn off after about 10±2s if there is no operation.            
    Material            Tempered glass + ABS +PP            
    Bluetooth  Version            ×            
    Measurement  Unit            kg/st:lb/lb            
    Accuracy            50kg±0.2kg;100kg±0.3kg;150kg±0.4kg;
    User            ×            
    Storage and  Memory            ×            
    Technology            eMTC +4G technology            
    Sensor            TS-437 75kg            
    System requirement            RPM            
    Wireless Sync            4G            
    Bluetooth chip            ×            
    BMI            ×            
    BIA            ×            
    Essential Features            1.Cellular body weight scale
    2.Connect to 4G network and applies to RPM platform
    3.Extra-large and clear LCD display with white digitals
    4.Automatic turn off without any operation after 10±2S
    5.Stand ON design
    6.eMTC technology
    7.Non-slip ABS platform surface
    8.Reinforced with 8mm thick tempered glass
    9.Maximum capacity 250kg                 

    10.Can be used on carpet                

    11.Bigger display 85*53mm            
    Standout Features            The use of 4G network technology embedded in the Cellular body weight scale BS-2001-G allows connected to remote patient monitor (RPM) platform.
    Remote patient monitoring (RPM)  is a technology to extend health monitoring of patients from conventional clinical to the patients' home or remote area.
    It's important feature that the platform size have increased 30% more than usual bathroom scale as the 360mm x 360mm.

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