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1. The cellular sphygmomanometer of FDA approved remote patient monitoring devices

TRANSTEK's cellular blood pressure monitor TeleCuff Gen-1 is specially designed for patients who need remote monitoring, and has been approved as a class II medical device by FDA. BP Cuff measures systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate, and then quickly transmits accurate real-time data to the medical care platform through encrypted 4G technology.

The safest way to manage blood pressure of patients at home is using TeleCuff Gen-1. Designed specifically for RPM, it is an efficient and cost-effective RPM device. The cellular blood pressure cuff is suitable for doctor practice, health system and autonomous health plan, and it helps people establish or develop remote patient monitoring plan.

In order to reduce the operation steps of patients and ensure that everyone can use it, TeleCuff Gen-1 has been fully preconfigured. Users can use the device by pressing only one button without additional operation, downloading app and pairing the device. TeleCuff Gen-1 operates like a traditional blood pressure monitor. It can quickly measure accurate data of blood pressure and heart rate through encrypted 4G technology and transmit them to intuitive applications. Then, TeleCuff Gen-1 automatically sends the blood pressure measurement data to the user’s doctor, nursing staff, family members and other health care organizations in real time.

2. Cellular blood pressure monitor with 4G technology

Many patients who need to monitor blood pressure are not proficient in technology. The configuration and additional steps required to set up and use Bluetooth or WiFi monitors are major obstacles for those who need hypertension management. The cellular blood pressure monitor eliminates these obstacles. More importantly, it helps to monitor the elderly and bring them the convenience by remotely controlling. TeleCuff Gen-1 has all the privacy and security functions expected by patients and providers. Other features include comfortable cuffs, large backlit screens and long battery life, all of which further help to improve the participation of patients in remote patient monitoring programs.

Research shows that compared with typical nursing and self-monitoring alone, remote monitoring can greatly reduce the blood pressure of patients. Through the continuous remote monitoring of hypertension by cellular TeleCuff Gen-1, health care providers can put forward suggestions in a more timely manner and better support the high-quality and healthy life of patients.

3. Who needs a cellular blood pressure monitor?

1) Groups lacking medical resources

In remote or economically underdeveloped areas, the medical allocation is seriously insufficient, which makes inconvenient for local residents to receive medical treatment. The new inquiry mode of remote patient monitoring has brought great convenience to such people, and met the needs of timely inquiry as well as improved the living and health level of residents.

2) People who already have high blood pressure

Most people with hypertension need long-term medication to control their blood pressure, so the long term participation in RPM is of great significance to them.

3) People with relatively high blood pressure but not meeting the standard of hypertension

For those whose blood pressure is relatively high but fail to meet the standard of hypertension, they should use the cellular blood pressure monitor according to the specification, and should be diagnosed only after 24-hour monitoring. Ordinary people can also get a rough understanding of their condition by repeatedly measuring blood pressure at home.

Monitoring blood pressure from time to time is helpful to understand the condition of blood pressure control, and it is also helpful for doctors and patients themselves to adjust the treatment of blood pressure accordingly. It teaches relatives with hypertension to use cellular blood pressure monitor and form habits and greatly enhance their compliance with treatment, enhance the treatment effect of chronic diseases, and finally improve their long-term survival rate.

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