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1. What is Remote Weight Monitoring?

Remote weight monitoring means that users use smart digital weight scales to measure weight and body fat every day, and then the measured data will be directly transmitted to the corresponding medical institutions and doctors. The continuous weight monitoring allows doctors to determine the effectiveness of medications and weight management plans.

Remote weight monitoring is different from other forms of remote patient monitoring (RPM), it not only provides users with personalized and effective treatment, but can actually help users lose weight. Studies have shown that users who weigh daily are better able to control their weight than users who weigh weekly. Therefore, remote weight monitoring is not only a means to prevent sudden health problems and treat obesity-related diseases, but also an effective weight loss tool.

2. Advantages of Remote Weight Monitoring

Remote weight monitoring is equipped with a variety of applications that can help obese patients by identifying potential lifestyle changes, and these changes may not be found when the patient does not go to the hospital often. For users who need to lose weight, remote weight monitoring with smart digital weight scale is a comfortable and safe way to solve their weight problems. 

Remote weight monitoring is associated with significant changes in weight. When a user’s weight changes significantly, the user may be at risk of life-threatening obesity-related diseases. Therefore, remote weight monitoring is a means to ensure the user's health and safety. If the weight reported by the user exceeds its usual or safe range, an emergency alert will be sent to the corresponding physician.

Compared with traditional methods that try to control or treat obesity, remote weight monitoring has been found to be more effective in promoting weight control, behavior changes, and lifestyle changes of users.

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