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An electronic scale is a must at home now. People use it at home to control their weight reasonably and shape a healthy body, and it occupies a very important position. Beauty-loving women use scales almost every day. Those who are attentive have noticed that they seem to weigh less in the morning than in the evening. Well, do you know why?

1. Why is the weight in the morning lighter than in the evening?

Light weight in the morning is because after a night of water and calorie consumption, the body has not supplemented food, so the weight on an empty stomach in the morning appears lighter. At night, the food eaten during the day is still in the body and has not been completely excreted or metabolized, so it must be heavier. Even if you drink an extra glass of water, it counts in your weight.

2. Does the body fat weight scale have radiation to pregnant women?

Women are very concerned about the changes in their bodies when they are pregnant. Because pregnant women need to ensure the nutrition of the fetus, they usually eat more food, which will make the weight gain quickly. In fact, pregnant women should increase their weight scientifically, otherwise they are prone to gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. When pregnant women monitor their weight, they must use body weight scales. So, does the fat weight scale have radiation to pregnant women?

The body fat weight scale has no radiation to pregnant women, but pregnant women cannot use the body fat weight scale. Although the body fat weight scale does not radiate to pregnant women, it does generate electricity. The body fat weight scales that everyone uses now are all measured by passing electricity through people's bodies.

If it is an ordinary person, it will not have any effect at all. But for pregnant women, the weak current is likely to cause harm to the fetus. Therefore, for safety reasons, pregnant women should not use body fat weight scales. And the electronic fat scale is not suitable for the elderly and children under 8 years old. In addition, people who use a pacemaker cannot use a body fat weight scale.

Pregnant women who want to monitor their weight can buy a regular body weight scale, either electronic or mechanical. Moreover, the current electronic scale is made of the principle of varistor, the current will not be transmitted to the body, and it has no effect on the fetus, and pregnant women can use it with confidence.

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