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Best Budget Fitness Tracker: To quote in Bulk from China

Transtek is now providing the very best Fitness Tracker with advanced technology.

Fitness Tracker is  the best choice for people who want to track their daily activities, and Transtek has been providing such service to people since 2002.

What is a fitness tracker?

Fitness Tracker is often called as Activity Tracker; also, it is a device that tracks the fitness-related activities of a person.

It is synced with mobile phone or sometimes with a computer and provide all matrices and measures there. 

At Transtek, we provide Fitness Tracker in the shape of a bracelet and watch. You can measure your Fitness situation by using our advanced fitness tracker.

Fitness Trackers List

Equipped with a high accuracy sensor, our fitness tracker can monitor your daily activities such as heart rate, steps, calories and so on. Following is the list of Fitness Trackers that are available at Transtek.

  • Fitness Tracker Band 3S

  • Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor Band 5

  • Heart Rate Fitness Tracker Band 2

  • Best Wearable Fitness Tracker Band 3

  • Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure 5S (LS431-B3)

Highlight Features

Following are the features of our Fitness Tracker,

Features of Band 3S

  1. Wi-Fi connection.

  2. Environmental-friendly ABS to offer qualified and safe material.

  3. The colorful design is available.

Features of Band 5

Band 5 is specially designed for heart rate monitoring. Following are some features of Band 5.

  1. Personalized Cooper Aerobic Fitness Program

  2. 24/7 Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring

  3. Heart Rate Zones

  4. Premium Design

  5. Direct USB Charge

  6. Sleep Tracking & Stages

  7. Waterproof

  8. Notifications

Features of Fitness Tracker Band 2

  1. Monitor Heart Rate by 24 hours

  2. IP68 Waterproof Grade

  3. Battery Life up to 7 days

  4. Direct USB charging

  5. Auto Sleep-Tracking and analysis

To know more details about the features and options, please check here Transtek Fitness Trackers Products


Why Transteck?

We provide the best-qualified products to millions of customers from all over the world. Following are the reasons that you can consider while making an order at Transtek,

  • Quality products

  • OEM logo customization

  • Delivery at your door-step

  • Secure payments module

To read more about the reasons to consider us, please refer here to About Us.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is your turn-around?

We use Express Delivery method if you want your products delivered fast, but obviously, it will cost a bit high.

In the usual case, Post Air Mail may find your way, but it is a bit slow, it may take 1-2 months. 

And, if you are ordering some massive quantity of products, then Sea Shipping is the best, but we will deliver your products via Air to Airport if you are in haste.

Is there any guarantee for your products?

Of course, there is. There are 2 years of guarantee if certain conditions will be met.

Can I take an Instant Quote?

Yes, you can get an instant quote online. All your conversation is encrypted, and our website is entirely secured by a valid SSL certificate (HTTPS). 

Just go to the Contact Us page for an instant quote from our highly cooperative team.

Which fitness tracker has the best heart rate monitor?

Transktek is a professional at manufacturing fitness tracker. There are a variety of choices for you. 

All of our products can provide high accuracy along with other advanced features.

What is the most accurate fitness tracker?

Transtek ranked No.2 wearable brand in China in the year 2016. We have been making qualified fitness tracker for years which the market and customers have tested. Trantek is your trusted companion.

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