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Best Remote Patient Monitoring to quote online

Remote Patient Monitoring is also called RPM in short. It helps track the progress of a patient who is out of the clinic, for example, at home or any other remote area.

Transtek is a well-known company providing top-quality Remote Patient Monitoring Devices. 

We have been working in this field since 2002. Our goal is continuously trying to develop products that bring wellness to people around the world.

Let's find out the details about RPM devices available for our customers.

Remote Patient Monitoring Devices

  • BS-2001-G Digital Body Analyzer Scale

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) Devices, Weight Management device Electronic Body Scale. Reinforced with 8mm Thick Tempered Glass, Non-slip Platform Surface Smart Scale with 250kg Maximum Capacity.

  • LS802-GS Blood Pressure Monitor 

Connected Telehealth Devices,  Blood Pressure Monitor, Hypertension Management Equipment Cellular Blood Pressure Monitor with XXL LCD Display, Medically proved accuracy, and Clinically Validated Smart BPM.

Let's find out the features and functions of both devices in-depth.

Features of BS-2001-G

  • Cellular body weight scale

  • Connect to the 4G network and applies to the RPM platform

  • Extra-large and bright LCD with white digitals

  • Automatic turn off without any operation after 10±2S

  • Stand ON design

  • eMTC technology

  • Non-slip ABS Platform Surface

  • Reinforced with 8mm Thick Tempered Glass

  • Maximum Capacity 250kg                 

  • Can be used on carpet                

  • Bigger display 85*53mm 

Features of LS802-GS

  • Medically Approved Accuracy

  • Connect to the 4G network and applies to the RPM platform

  • Extra-large and clear LCD with white digitals

  • Automatic turn off without any operation after 1 minute

  • One-click operation

  • eMTC technology

Data Accuracy

Our devices provide high accuracy data. But sometimes, there may be some variation in values due to uncertain conditions. 

If you are considering the measurement results of blood pressure, then make sure that you measure your blood pressure with our devices and at the same time with any other experimental devices.

Why Transtek?

We provide the best-qualified products to millions of customers from all over the world. Following are the reasons that you can consider while making an order at Transtek,

  • Quality products

  • OEM logo customization

  • Delivery at your door-step

  • Secure payments module

To know more about Transtek and cooperation mode, please refer here to About Us.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is your turn-around?

We can use Express Delivery if you want your products to deliver to you within a shorter time, but obviously, it will cost a little bit higher than the ordinary method.

Post Air Mail may find your way in usual cases, but it is a bit slow and takes around 1-2 months. 

And, if you are ordering some massive quantity of products, then Sea Shipping is the best choice, but we will deliver your products via Air if you are in haste.

Is there any guarantee for your products?

Of course, there is. There are 2 years of guarantee if certain conditions will be met.

Can I take an Instant Quote?

Yes, you can get an instant quote online. All your conversation is encrypted, and our website is entirely secured by a valid SSL certificate (HTTPS). 

Just go to the Contact Us page for an instant quote from our highly cooperative team.

How does remote patient monitoring work?

Our Remote Patient Monitoring system measures the Blood Pressure of patient remotely and digitally analyze the body. It sends the data of patients remotely and securely. 

All data is synced with a mobile or digital device. 

Precision is our key-point in RPM. 

What is the best Remote Patient Monitoring system? 

We provide both Blood Pressure Monitor and Digital Body Analyzer Scale. LS802-GS and BS-2001-G are the best Remote Patient Monitoring devices  we offered now, we are going to launch more soon.

What is the price/cost of the Remote Patient Monitoring Device? 

It depends on which product you are choosing and the quantity you are ordering. There is no doubt that an order with a large amount can get a better discount (if available at that time).

So, want to get a customized quote right now according to your requirements?, please Contact Us.

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