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TRANSTEK TeleWeight Gen-1 is the simplest and safest way for medical professionals to remotely monitor the weight of patients. It is designed for remote patient monitoring, which is an efficient and cost-effective equipment and suitable for doctor practice, health system and independent health plan. It is committed to establishing or developing remote patient monitoring plan.

1. FDA approved remote patient monitoring device: cellular weight scale

In order to ensure that all patients can use the cellular scale, TRANSTEK TeleWeight Gen-1 has an embedded SIM card, which encrypts and securely transmits the data to the cloud server for processing through the cellular network, and then sends it directly to the RPM health platform through the 4G cellular network. Due to the cellular connection of Gen-1, it can transmit data from patients living in areas lacking broadband access.

The TRANSTEK Weight Cellular Scale is designed to make remote patient monitoring more direct, especially at a time when remote medicine services have come to the fore. TeleWeight Gen-1 is out-of-the-box, which can be used directly without additional operation, downloading applications and pairing devices. The end-to-end remote patient monitoring solution (device and cloud) allows patients to weigh and measure conveniently, and automatically turn off after weighing.

2. Why a cellular weight scale is recommended?

Daily weight monitoring is a low threshold and efficient supplement to patient care plans for managing congestive heart failure, medical weight loss and weight loss surgery. Continuous monitoring of obesity has proved to be a valuable method to help ensure that patients change their lifestyle to stabilize or lose weight. The TRANSTEK Weight Scale is also very suitable for predicting the deterioration of heart failure. Through digital monitoring, doctors can better serve patients and help them follow the prescribed diet and exercise plan to improve their quality of life.

A potential obstacle to accessing remote patient monitoring is the fear that patients may lack the technical strength required to use RPM devices. The configuration and additional steps required to set up and use Bluetooth or WiFi weight scales may be a major obstacle for those who need to continuously monitor weight and heart failure. TeleWeight Gen-1 not only eliminates these barriers, it also better simplifies the remote medicine experience and, most importantly, brings benefits of remote patient monitoring to the most vulnerable people.

The cellular weight scale TeleWeight Gen-1 can provide accurate weight measurement for users below 250kg, allowing it to be used to lose weight. It also has a wide anti-slippery platform surface to improve its stability and minimize the risk of falls. Its large backlight screen and long battery life further help improve the weighting experience of patients and increase their participation and investment in remote patient monitoring programs.

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