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1. Blood pressure monitor can be widely used

Checking your blood pressure at home is an important part of managing high blood pressure. The American Heart Association (AHA) and other organizations recommend that a person with hypertension monitor his or her blood pressure at home. Home monitoring can help you keep an eye on your blood pressure in a familiar setting, make sure your medications are working, and alert you and your doctor to potential health complications. Cellular blood pressure monitor is widely available without a prescription, so home monitoring is an easy step to alleviate the disease. Before getting started, it's important to find a good home blood pressure monitor. Monitoring your blood pressure at home isn't very complicated. In the long run, you may reduce your risk of complications related to hypertension and enjoy a healthier life.

2. Why do you need to use a blood pressure monitor at home?

Monitoring blood pressure at home with a blood pressure monitor can:

Help early diagnosis: Self-monitoring can help your doctor diagnose hypertension earlier, and you can check your blood pressure often and regularly, rather than only occasionally visiting the hospital to get your blood pressure value. Home monitoring is especially important if you have hypertension or other conditions that can cause hypertension, such as diabetes or kidney problems.

Help track the treatment: The only way to know the impact of your lifestyle changes or whether your medication is working is to check your blood pressure regularly. Monitoring blood pressure changes at home can help your doctor make decisions about your treatment options, such as adjusting your dose or changing your medication.

Encourage better blood pressure control: Self-monitoring can make you more responsible for your health. With improved diet, physical activity, and proper medication use, you may be more motivated to control your blood pressure.

Cut your health care costs: Self-monitoring may reduce the number of doctor or clinic visits you need.

Check to see if your blood pressure is different outside the doctor's office: Some people experience a spike in blood pressure due to anxiety associated with seeing a doctor (white coat hypertension). Or some patients have normal blood pressure at the clinic but elevated blood pressure elsewhere (masked hypertension). Monitoring your blood pressure at home can help determine if you have true hypertension. Not everyone can track blood pressure at home, because if your heartbeat is irregular, a home blood pressure monitor may not give you an accurate reading.

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