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1. Which industry does the Transtek Medical belong?

R&D, production and sales of household medical and health electronic products, R&D and solution services of cloud platform.

2. Transtek Medical's industry status

The company is one of the few companies in the world that has production technologies of home medical and health electronic products, and masters a variety of technologies of wireless data transmission, APP application software, and intelligent health cloud platform. The enterprise's intelligent home medical and health electronic products can automatically upload the user's measurement data to the Transtek intelligent health cloud platform, and synchronize it to the user's mobile phone and other mobile terminals, and cooperate with third-party health service agencies to provide users with value-added services.

3. The enterprise competitiveness of Transtek Medical

Taking the overall development strategy as the core, the company conducts in-depth research on the usage scenarios and pain points about the demand of different customer groups, and tailors the intelligent health overall solutions integrating algorithms, hardware and software for industry customers in the fields of sports health and chronic disease management. The intelligent health cloud platform "Transtek Cloud" has been built, and a series of mobile Internet products such as "Transtek Sports", "Transtek Health" and "Transtek Doctor" have been launched to complete the full coverage of various applications, which can achieve data collection when combined with Transtek intelligent hardware equipment. Besides, aiming at the main health problems at different stages of life, it takes advantage of advanced product technology and big data analysis capabilities to achieve seamless links between users, company products and third-party health services, establish personal and family health files for users, and understand health trends of family members in real time. And it cooperates with third-party health service agencies to provide value-added services and personalized health services and guarantees such as prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and health promotion for individuals and families, and create a comprehensive health ecosystem.

4. The growth of Transtek Medical

According to the data disclosed in the annual report and financial report, the revenue from 2013 to 2018 was 380 million, 455 million, 629 million, 770 million, 866 million and 775 million respectively. The corresponding net profit from 2013 to 2018 was 35.17 million 45.34 million 50.19 million 80.52 million 17.84 million 24.02 million respectively.

According to the 2020 annual report, this 395 million yuan of funds will help Transtek Medical to enrich the product line in the field of health IoT and remote health management, and improve the accuracy of data index of the company's blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, ECG monitoring products, and intelligent weight scales through research and development projects. Besides, it can improve and upgrade the remote health management system, so that the company's products will move towards a field with higher added value and higher competitiveness.

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