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1. Healthy wearable technology in medical care

The future of healthy wearable technology devices is medical or clinical related devices. So far, healthy wearable technology devices are more lifestyle oriented and have limited applications in medical care and disease management. In the future, we will have more accurate and clinically relevant healthy wearable technology devices that can collect users' clinical data and then use it to provide better care. Combining this kind of data with artificial intelligence for more in-depth analysis will not only bring better care, but also faster and more preventive care.

To some extent, influenced by healthy wearable technology devices, healthcare is becoming a more consumer oriented experience. When technology meets healthcare, it is inevitable that emphasizing user experience, design and function through function will become the basis of development. The additional background of healthy wearable technology devices will enable suppliers to make more informed decisions about patient care plans or treatment, and pave the way for healthy wearable technology devices to treat chronic diseases.

2. Healthy wearable technology becomes increasingly important for the treatment of chronic diseases

Healthy wearable technology devices will become more and more important for patients with chronic diseases. Chronic diseases account for 75 cents per dollar spent on health care. The problem is that most of these patients do not have tools to manage their condition, but often go to the doctor's office. If you look at diabetes and hypertension, these two patient groups have tools to control the disease through blood glucose meters and blood pressure sleeves. However, other chronic diseases lack long-term, clinically relevant management equipment. Patients with heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, epilepsy and others do not have such equipment to manage their condition.

Chronic diseases have additional complexity and require long-term data to view trends in patient conditions or measure the effectiveness of plans or prescriptions. Today, if there is no tool, this is done manually. It can be predicted that the future of healthy wearable technology devices will fill this gap: by creating solutions using clinical sensors and connected devices, bridging the gap between clinical diagnostic devices and short-term fitness healthy wearable technology devices, and putting them into the formal factors of long-term data collection, it has usability for improvement and can conduct artificial intelligence assisted analysis.

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