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The study points out that the proportion of consumers using telemedicine is 46%, higher than 11% in 2019. Now we are in the second surge of Covid-19. From the doctors' point of view, compared with the level before Covid-19, it means that the number of remote medical monitoring visits has increased by 50 to 175 times. As an industry known for its backward digital transformation, the healthcare industry has no choice but to accept and apply new communication and collaboration technologies to improve agility and responsiveness during the unpredictable global pandemic.

1. What is remote patient monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring is a healthcare method that uses the latest advances in information technology to collect patient data outside the traditional healthcare environment. Remote patient monitoring uses wireless technology to allow individuals to conveniently connect to their care team at home, which includes the safe sharing of health information, the monitoring of vital signs, and the progress of achieving health goals, to support the self-health management of patients.

2. Benefits from remote medical monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is an effective method to manage diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension. It can help patients earily identify the support they need, actively cooperate with the nursing team, and gain insight into the patients' health conditions.

Our goal is enabling patients and their families to manage their status at home, becoming active participants in their own health care, and reducing the number of readmissions and emergency visits. We believe that remote patient monitoring represents the next generation of community care, not only because it can help people keep healthy, but also because it reduces the burden on family caregivers.

The remote patient monitoring services include providing monthly reports to family doctors, encouraging preventive health practices, and offering real-time support in emergencies. The platform also allows individuals to access self-management tools and health guiding, including:

RPM devices: provides blood pressure cuffs, thermometers, and other equipments to capture data related to progress.

Notifications and Alerts: customers, caregivers, and medical teams can be notified in real-time when health conditions decline.

Education Resources: share resources to maintain personal participation and education.

Reminders: set reminders about specific activities regularly or repeatedly.

Video Call: sign in, receive guidance and support through a virtual connection.

Chat: communicate safely and reliably through online chat. Remotely monitor vital signs, including blood pressure, pulse, blood glucose, blood oxygen, and weight.

RPM blood pressure

RPM scale

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