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1. AI helps remote telehealth

The significant impact of AI on healthcare has led to the growth of AI market. By 2030, the value of AI in the healthcare market is expected to exceed 187 billion dollars. The potential of AI is also reflected in remote telehealth and remote monitoring. Therefore, AI driven technology has transformed RPM solutions from simple data aggregators to advanced data analysis platforms. Combined with analysis, the RPM platform allows doctors to integrate patient data into clinical workflow, generate accurate predictions, and mark individual patients at risk. Therefore, AI can realize active care and more personalized data-driven treatment.

2. AI in remote telehealth

Diagnosis: According to the data, the remote health monitoring of diabetes retinopathy has reduced the number of visits of patients by about 14000. If we apply AI in the screening stage, it is expected that the number of visits and the waiting time of patients will further decline. Therefore, the machine learning classification algorithm can analyze the patient data in the remote telehealth solution and mark the patients at risk of some diseases. The patient can also upload the medical image to the security server, and the image recognition based on artificial intelligence can find abnormalities without the help of professional personnel.

Treatment plan: AI has also been proved to be helpful in precision medicine. The system driven by AI compares the patient's medical image with the high-quality treatment plan database created by the certified expert. Then, it combines these insights with personal health data to generate personalized treatment plans. According to IBM, the expert system can also group patients according to similar reactions to treatment to develop the best treatment plan.

Patient participation: It is another responsibility of AI in remote telehealth to let patients insist on medication or make appointments in time. By analyzing software data, AI can be used to generate action items, including appointment reminders, follow-up actions, etc. Driven by artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology, chat robots are indispensable in automatic communication and better access to medical services.

Chronic disease management: The complexity of chronic disease management has always been an unknown area in the healthcare industry. However, AI can prevent chronic diseases, such as diabetes, cancer and kidney disease, by identifying early signs of these diseases in patient data. Therefore, the algorithm can identify patients with chronic kidney disease by stages and the condition of acute kidney injury.

Founded in 2002, Transtek is committed to multiple health fields such as remote health and chronic disease management, providing customers with medical-grade "RPM devices" and "cloud services". Transtek has established a co-branded solution named TeleRPM since 2022, it stands for Quality & Value which is the best of Transtek. TeleRPM is an integrated solution which includes cellular blood pressure monitor, cellular weight scale, 4g blood glucose meter and all-round BLE package with AnyHub solution.

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