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Benefits of remote medical monitoring

Quality of care: Remote monitoring can also help improve the quality of care, because it allows nurses and doctors to monitor the vital signs of patients without visiting them in person. Obtaining this information can also help patients with chronic diseases get better treatment because they can be monitored more frequently.

Better patient outcomes: As doctors and nurses can monitor data around the clock, this increases the possibility of better adherence to treatment. Patients can also live more independently and participate more in treatment.

Improve accessibility of health care: Finally, remote patient monitoring reduces inequalities related to traditional health care. The online monitoring solution can also provide remote consultation and follow-up services for people living in rural areas.

How remote medical monitoring system works?

There are many remote medical monitoring systems on the market, which have various shapes and sizes. Some remote medical monitoring systems are independent devices, while others are integrated into existing electronic health records. But the common point of all remote medical monitoring systems is that they can collect the health data generated by patients, and then send the data to the health care provider for monitoring.

The remote medical monitoring system solution provides home care remote telehealth function, such as bluetooth blood glucose monitor, pulse oximeter, etc; implantable devices, such as cardiac implantable electronic devices; the digital platform can realize continuous monitoring and support for patients around the clock, including remote telehealth.

TeleRPM BGM(BLE)2022's blood sugar results can be automatically sent to your application to record your blood sugar levels in real time. Also, your doctor can better manage your blood sugar levels according to it.

TeleRPM Pulse Oximeter(BLE)2022 is an important and common device to check oxygen saturation level (SpO2) and pulse rate. It's a small, compact, simple, reliable and durable physiological monitoring device. Include the mainboard, display and dry batteries.

In general, remote medical monitoring system solutions are connected to the cloud to achieve compliant data sharing and seamless access to patient data. The following is a step-by-step process for transferring the vital signs of patients from remote medical monitoring software to healthcare providers: patients register in the system so that the system can verify specific equipment; the remote medical monitoring system initializes monitoring and data collection through medical equipment; the device collects and transmits data to remote medical monitoring server or cloud; the algorithm analyzes patient data, and the remote medical monitoring system generates reports and visualizations. The doctor accesses the visualization and follows the corresponding operation, whether it is to adjust the treatment process, change the treatment plan, or any other follow-up operation.

Founded in 2002, Transtek is committed to multiple health fields such as remote health and chronic disease management, providing customers with medical-grade "RPM devices" and "cloud services". Transtek has established a co-branded solution named TeleRPM since 2022, it stands for Quality & Value which is the best of Transtek. TeleRPM is an integrated solution which includes cellular blood pressure monitor, cellular weight scale, cellular blood glucose meter and all-round BLE package with AnyHub solution.

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