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The COVID-19 is raging around the world. After becoming the last industry that has not yet felt the rapid impact of digitalization, the digital transformation of healthcare has finally begun. RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) technology as a special form of Internet remote healthcare services, is rapidly equipped and deployed in more and more medical institutions at all levels. This technology changes the way patients see a doctor and the process of diagnosis and treatment, expands the coverage of doctors, and maintains a stable relationship between patients and nursing staff.

1. How Remote Patient Monitoring Works?

1) Collection-Once the user activates the patient monitor, user information will be collected and stored in the internal system;

2) Transmission-the collected data is transmitted to medical institutions via the Internet, telephone, text or other forms of communication;

3) Evaluation-internal algorithm software and medical professionals will check the data and point out the issues that need attention, and then send information about these issues to the patient or the patient's medical team.

4) Notification-If the doctor finds that the data that needs immediate attention is interrupted, it will send an alert to the designated emergency responder.

5) Action-the emergency medical team will immediately provide assistance to the patient, and even explain to the patient what happened and how to prevent similar incidents from happening again in the future.

2. RPM Market Trends

Many hospitals have greatly reduced their readmission rate through the use of home health monitoring system supported by rpm technology and other remote medical delivery methods. In the future, RPM will be adopted by more and more medical institutions.

As more equipment manufacturers participate in the competition for RPM market share, in order to further improve the user experience, the next trend of RPM technology will be miniaturization, equipment will become smaller and smaller, and become more and more convenient.

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