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What is the remote patients monitoring equipment that combines medical technology and remote internet? Many people will marvel at the rapid change of the times because it achieves complete medical testing of patients through the perfect technology and product system.

Introduction to remote patients monitoring

Remote patients monitoring refers to the remote diagnosis, treatment and consultation of patients in remote areas, islands or ships with poor medical conditions, relying on computer technology, remote sensing, telemetry and remote control technology, giving full play to the advantages of medical technology and medical equipment of large hospitals or specialized medical centers.

It is a new medical service aimed at improving diagnosis and medical treatment, reducing medical expenses and meeting the health care needs of the masses. At present, the technology of remote patients monitoring has developed from the initial television monitoring and telephone remote diagnosis to the comprehensive transmission of digital data, image and voice using high-speed network, and has realized the communication of real-time voice and high-definition image, providing a broader development space for the application of modern medicine.

The main objectives of remote patients monitoring technology

Different remote patients monitoring system are designed for different users and purposes. The remote patients monitoring diagnosis system is for examination and diagnosis, the remote patients monitoring consultation system is designed for consultation, the remote patients monitoring education system aims to teaching and training, and the remote sickbed monitoring system is for home sickbed.

According to different purposes and requirements of the application, and the equipment configured and the communication network environment used in the remote patients monitoring system are also different. The remote patients monitoring diagnosis system is mainly equipped with various digital medical instruments and corresponding communication interfaces, and mainly runs on the local area network inside the hospital. The end user equipment includes electronic scanners, digital cameras, microphones, speakers, etc. The remote patients monitoring education system is similar to the medical consultation system, which mainly uses video conferencing to operate on the broadband network. No matter what kind of remote patients monitoring system, computer and multimedia equipment are essential.

The application of remote patients monitoring technology is very extensive, so it has huge development prospect. The remote medical detection system supports the data transmission of remote health detection. Most health monitoring equipment features Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. It is able to integrate with telecommunication technology to monitor the patients' health, accelerate the transmission and sharing of patient data to private doctors or medical institutions, and provide reliable and fast information for nursing staff and patients. For example, the 4G wireless smart scale TeleRPM Scale Gen 2 provides accurate weight data for remote patients, which is connected to the health monitoring platform. TeleRPM BPM Gen 1 wireless blood pressure cuff measures systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate, and then quickly transmits accurate real-time data to the healthcare platform through encrypted 4G wireless technology.

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