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For people with hypertension, it is crucial to monitor their blood pressure on time. Buying a simple blood pressure monitor to measure your blood pressure at home can be convenient and save a lot of time. And the digital blood pressure monitor would be a good choice. 

Mercury Blood Pressure Monitor and Digital Blood Pressure Monitor, Which Measurement Is More Accurate?

However, many people think that the blood pressure measured by a home electronic blood pressure monitor is different from the blood pressure measured by a mercury blood pressure monitor at the hospital. So, is the electronic blood pressure monitor accurate?

Which one is better, digital blood pressure monitor or mercury blood pressure monitor?

Mercury blood pressure monitors are the most commonly used blood pressure monitors by doctors, but mercury blood pressure monitors' operation is very complicated. To accurately measure blood pressure, professional training is required. If the procedure is not standardized, it will cause mercury leakage, and the measured blood pressure may be inaccurate. As a home-use blood pressure monitor, a mercury blood pressure monitor is not suitable.

The digital blood pressure monitor is small in size and lightweight, easy to carry and operate. What's more important is that the blood pressure value is also announced by voice. If the blood pressure is higher than the normal range, an alarm will be issued, especially for some older people.

However, when it comes to which two blood pressure monitors are more accurate?

Generally speaking, if the operation is regular in the same environment, the measurement results of these two types of blood pressure monitors should be similar. Many people think that a digital blood pressure monitor is not accurate because of the following factors:

1. Blood pressure fluctuates with changes in the environment and emotional instability.

Some people will have their blood pressure lowered at home, and when the doctor takes the blood pressure in the hospital, they will feel the blood pressure will be higher. It is because some people are more nervous when they see the doctor, so it will also cause blood pressure to rise.

2. The operation method of using the electronic blood pressure monitor is not standardized.

Some people take their blood pressure measurements at home. They don't follow the doctor's requirements. They often take measurements on the phone, or just after eating, or immediately after exercising. The results measured in this way are inaccurate.

The tightness of the cuff band of the digital blood pressure monitor is not suitable. The blood pressure measurement position is not correct, and other factors will cause the measurement results to be inaccurate.

3. There will be differences in morning and evening blood pressure values.

Some people will take blood pressure several times a day, but the blood pressure value is different each time, so it is considered that the electronic blood pressure monitor is not accurate. Blood pressure is continually changing. Generally, blood pressure will be higher after getting up in the morning and relatively low at night. But as long as it is within the normal range, don't worry too much.

4. Quality issues.

If the error is unusually large, it may be a quality problem with the digital blood pressure monitor. At this time, you need to check whether there is no battery or replace it with a new one.

It is recommended that you choose some large brands of electronic blood pressure monitors with guaranteed quality. After all, blood pressure monitors are human blood pressure monitors. If the measurement results are not accurate, it will delay the optimal treatment period for patients and cause serious consequences.

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