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The so-called home blood pressure monitoring refers to the blood pressure monitoring conducted at home with a remote digital blood pressure monitor, that is, the blood pressure is measured by the measured person or with the help of the family member. It is necessary to measure your blood pressure regularly whether you are a person with normal blood pressure or a patient with hypertension. On the one hand, family blood pressure monitoring can let us know our blood pressure level in time, on the other hand, it can also help evaluate the effect of blood pressure reduction and reduce the occurrence of cardiovascular or cerebrovascular diseases. So, how to monitor blood pressure at home?

1. How to use remote digital blood pressure monitor?

1) Selection of blood pressure monitor. The blood pressure monitor TeleRPM BPM Gen 2 uses 4G technology to connect with T-Mobile or AT&T's cellular network, and has a built-in cellular SIM card. Application programming interfaces (APIs) can be used to integrate with RPM health platforms and hospital management systems.

2) Measurement method. For people who have just found an elevation of blood pressure, we generally recommend that they measure their sitting blood pressure every morning before taking medicine and at night before going to bed, 2 or 3 times each time, with an interval of 1 minute, for 7 consecutive days, and calculate the average value of blood pressure in the next 6 days. For patients who regularly take antihypertensive drugs and have stable blood pressure control, they need to measure their blood pressure 1or 2 days a week.

3) Detailed records. TeleRPM BPM Gen 2 can be operated by one button and automatically upload data without additional operations, downloading apps or pairing devices.

4) Standard of home blood pressure monitoring. When the average value of blood pressure monitored by RPM devices is equal or greater than 135/85mmHg, hypertension can be diagnosed, or the blood pressure has not been controlled, and we need to see a doctor in time. Finally, let's take action and regularly monitor blood pressure at home.

2. How to use remote digital blood pressure monitor to measure blood pressure at home?

Preparation before measurement:

1) Before measuring blood pressure, you should sit quietly for 5 to 10 minutes to relax your body and mind, keep your breath and heart rate steady, put your feet flat on the ground, support your back, and do not talk or walk during this time.

2) Before measurement, empty the bladder, take off the clothes covered by the cuff and get ready for measurement.

3) Exercise, smoking, coffee and strong tea should be avoided within 30 minutes before measurement.

Posture and operation of blood pressure measurement:

The remote digital blood pressure monitor can be used in the supine or sitting position. When choosing a sitting position for measurement, you should sit on a chair with a back and relax your legs on the ground. When measuring, the center of the armband should be at the same level as the heart, the upper arm should straight and slightly outspread, the cuff airbag should be close to the skin, and the lower edge should be 2 to 3 cm away from the elbow socket. The tightness of the cuff should be able to put a finger in, not too tight or too loose. For newly diagnosed hypertensive patients or hypertensive patients with unstable blood pressure, they should be measured continuously for 7 days. For patients with well controlled blood pressure, they should be measured at least once a week. After each measurement, the blood pressure value and heart rate value should be recorded in time, so as to provide reference for doctors when they go for subsequent visit.

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