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1. Use an electronic blood pressure monitor to measure blood pressure for half an hour before smoking, ban coffee, empty the bladder, and rest in a quiet environment for at least 5 minutes to eliminate the effects of fatigue and excitement on the blood pressure monitor. If you exercise, you must rest for 30 minutes before starting the measurement.

2. The most common site for measuring blood pressure monitor is the upper brachial artery. When measuring, the palms are facing up, the upper sleeves are exposed to the upper arm (the sleeves are loose), and the cuffs are evenly wrapped around the upper arms. The lower edge of the cuffs is about 2 cm from the elbow and must be tight. Otherwise, it is too tight, and the measured blood pressure is low, while too loose is too high. When measuring, the cuff should be placed on the inside of the arm, and the air tube is facing the middle finger of the palm.

3. When taking the seat measurement, the sitting position should be correct, the body should be relaxed, do not speak, the elbow can not leave the table, and the upper arm wraps the cuff to keep the cuff height 1/2 at the same level as the heart.

4. If blood pressure is abnormal during blood pressure measurement, wait for a while to retest, but not immediately in the same arm. If the blood pressure difference between the two arms is relatively large, the high side is accurate.

5. Normal people have high and low blood pressure during the 24 hours a day. Generally, they are lower in sleep and early in the morning and higher in the afternoon to bed. Therefore, the measurement time should also be recorded when measuring blood pressure. If hypertensive patients need to monitor blood pressure regularly, it is best to follow a certain time, location, and measurement position.

Precautions for measuring blood pressure monitor

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