Electronic Scale

High-quality smart scales and kitchen scales in fascinating designs. With maximum weighing precision and top-level quality, the Electronic Scale by Transtek are the ideal support for a conscious lifestyle. 

Household Kitchen Digital Weighing Scale KS-1749-B

Original Best Digital Kitchen Scale, Smart connects Bluetooth kitchen Scale tracks Food Intake Smartly. The included removable bowl with a pour spout is also conveniently shaped for efficient liqui

Transtek Original Best Digital Kitchen Scale KS-1850

1. LCD display offers clear and visible readings of results even at night.                                  2. Can

Transtek ITO Digital Body Analyzer Scale GBF-1714-B1

 Transtek ITO Digital Body Analyzer Scale. Our smart scales works for body composition helps with weight loss. ITO coating tempered glass provides a metal-less surface and higher sensitivity for

Transtek G-sensor Digital Body Fat Scale LS208-F

Transtek G-sensor digital body fat scale ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) coated surface provides transparent elegant appearance, as well as high conductivity for detecting body compositions via Bioelectric Imp

Transtek Portable Slim Bluetooth Bathroom Scale GBF-1714-B

Portable slim Bluetooth bathroom scale FDA-Listed Bluetooth 4.0 smart Scale & body fat monitor with high-accuracy weight, full body composition and extra-large display.

Multifunction Precision Digital Scale S3

Multifunction Precision Digital Scale  Green light means body weight is under control; Red light means we need more exercise. Automatic Operation Scale will turn on automatically when we stand