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1. What is CPT code 99453?

The CPT code set is regularly updated by the CPT editing team according to the opinions of clinical and industry experts to reflect the current clinical practice and the latest progress to help strengthen nursing services. For more than 50 years, CPT has been the main medical language used for communication in the entire healthcare system, which can provide smooth processing and enhanced analysis for medical operations and services.

2. Related knowledge of CPT code 99453

1) How can the practice of remote patient monitoring with CPT code 99453 be paid?

Providers can use the CPT code to pay for their remote patient monitoring work. For CPT code 99453, the billing of RPM initial settings must be ordered and set by the patient's attending physician or clinician. The provider can then charge for this code once per patient. CPT code 99453 requires that patient data be read for 16 days within a 30-day billing period.

2) Can the third party provide CPT code 99453 service on behalf of the practice?

Yes, a third-party remote patient monitoring partner can provide CPT code 99453 service on behalf of the clinic as long as it is supervised by the primary provider. These third-party partners can train patients in the setting and use of device. Using third-party partners specializing in remote patient monitoring can reduce stress and help doctors and clinicians run important and efficient remote patient monitoring services.

3) Can a patient have multiple RPM devices under CPT code 99453?

Yes, under CPT code 99453, a patient can have multiple RPM devices, but the provider can only charge for setting one device. This code is used to charge patients for their initial setup and education, regardless of the number of devices they use.

4) Does RPM device have to pass FDA certification with CPT code 99453?

By 2021, the final rules of the physician fee table have identified which RPM devices are considered acceptable medical devices for medicare patients. However, the device with CPT code 99453 does not require special FDA approval. Instead, Medicare specifies that these devices meet the FDA definition of medical devices, as described in Section 201 of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. According to this standard, the device must: automatically upload the patient data to the primary physicians and clinicians, which should be related to the treatment plan of the patient's condition, and collect and transmit data in an accurate and reliable manner.

5) Who must work for each remote patient monitoring service?

Each remote patient monitoring service must be ordered by the patient's attending physician or clinician and must be monitored for at least 16 days before the provider can bill for CPT code 99453.

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