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With the improvement of living standards, our diet structure has gradually changed from full to eat good foods. People pay more attention to their body management, especially body fat. Also, weight control has become a concern in the diet process. Therefore, how to know your weight data? How to analyze your weight changes?

Smart body weight scale plays a very important role. The traditional body weight scale only has the data display function. The scale displays the weight data of the object you placed, and the data disappears when the object is removed. It has no data recording, storage and analysis functions.

Smart Body Weight Scale Is Indispensable in Your Life

The smart body weight scale can be connected to the mobile APP through Bluetooth or WiFi, and the obtained data will be transmitted to the APP. The current weighting objective data can be received through the APP. If the same weighing object is weighed in different time periods, the accumulated weighing data will be stored in the background of the system. The data analysis of the weight change of the weighing object can be achieved based on the accumulated data.

Due to the use of Bluetooth or WiFi to transmit data, the smart body weight scale has the characteristics of small size and low power consumption. TRANSTEK GBF-2008 series of body fat analyzer scale use high-precision sensors, which can be used for weight management and body fat analysis. The load-bearing range is from 0.1kg to 180kg, and different colors can be customized according to customer requirements.

Smart Body Weight Scale Is Indispensable in Your Life

Functions of smart body weight scale

1. Physical condition assessment: The smart body weight scale APP can comprehensively record the user's weight, water content, visceral fat content, muscle content, fat content, BMI value, basal metabolism, bone density content and other states. The assessment results will be transmitted to the mobile phone through Bluetooth or WiFi to scientifically analyze the user's physical conditions.

2. Health database: Our body analyzer scale can record the change of weight every time and build a personal health database so that you can master your weight fluctuation.

3. Exercise plan: Combining with physical condition assessment and health database, the smart body weight scale can analyze the user's physical condition, recommend targeted exercise plans to achieve the scientific effect of losing fat or building muscle.

4. Nutrition consultant: It provides professional nutrition knowledge according to the user's physical data.

5. Sports mall: It recommends various types of suitable sports equipment and offline fitness courses to assist users in exercising.

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