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During the coronavirus pandemic, many patients decided not to consult their doctors face-to-face because of obstacles. In addition, fewer and fewer patients with stroke or myocardial infarction are monitored in hospitals. In order to maintain the continuity of medical care in medical institutions, patients should be provided with a safe and convenient way to receive advice and medical care without leaving home. Equipped with video consultation and telemedicine tools is a good solution.

1. The role of telemedicine during the pandemic

The pandemic has changed the perception of digital technology to medicine and patient care. Electronic prescriptions, medical certificates and referrals were widely used almost overnight. Telemedicine has a strong momentum and has proven to be a convenient and safe tool for communicating with patients. Although COVID-19 has led to overburden of hospitals, other diseases still exist, so it is still necessary to contact doctors. ICT solutions expand the availability of healthcare, but their role goes far beyond that.

Applications or software for video consultation and patient monitoring have the following main advantages: lower service costs, time-saved, higher processing efficiency and easy to use with more efficient medical workers. As a result, patients can now receive treatment at home without queuing, waiting for a long time to see a doctor or contacting other patients. More and more elderly patients, civilized chronic diseases and the continuous coronavirus pandemic have affected the development of remote patient care services. Technological advances in medicine and telecommunications will only accelerate this process.

In response to the world trend and the demand for such services, telemedicine solutions are provided to realize remote consultation and patient monitoring. Especially now, when the availability of on-site medical care is limited, the technology provides continuity of treatment and enables medical professionals to timely understand the patient’s condition.

2. Demand for innovative solutions in telemedicine

Experts emphasized that telemedicine is currently an important tool to combat the coronavirus. It ensures that patients do not have to leave home to contact doctors, and improves the quality and effectiveness of treatment in the health care system, even though it faces many limitations. Due to the aging society and the shortage of medical personnel, the demand for innovative solutions is bound to rise further. In the future, medical applications and telemedicine systems may replace traditional treatment methods and counseling in medical facilities.

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