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1. An introduction to remote cuff blood pressure monitor

The remote cuff blood pressure monitor adopts advanced measurement technology to provide practitioners with the fastest and most accurate readings. Patient's blood pressure results is automatically sent to doctors, so doctors can take better care of patients between visits. The blood pressure cuff automatically transmits data to the clinic without user intervention. When the patient receives the remote cuff blood pressure monitor, it is fully configured and can be used instantly. A higher level of care can be delivered to your patients by unlocking the value of remote patient monitoring.

2. The application of remote cuff blood pressure monitor

Hypertension (HBP):

As we know, hypertension is usually undetected and asymptomatic, but that does not mean it is not dangerous. Over time, HBP can wear out the patient's blood vessels and may lead to a heart attack or stroke. The daily use of a remote cuff blood pressure monitor to monitor a patient's blood pressure can prevent such catastrophic events and enable practitioners to take appropriate action.

Treatment of hypertension:

If the patient has just started a new treatment for HBP, it is unnecessary to wait for the next visit to determine the effect. Practitioners should learn how treatment affects patients between visits and adjust the dose accordingly. If the treatment doesn't work at all, the patient is at risk of a heart attack or stroke. RPM device enables the practitioner to access the patient's blood pressure data and make informed decisions about the patient's care.

White coat syndrome:

White coat syndrome or white coat hypertension refers to people who show higher than normal blood pressure level in the clinical environment, although they may not show the same blood pressure in other environments. This may be due to the patient's anxiety during the office visit. When practitioners can continuously obtain readings from patients with remote cuff blood pressure monitors, they are less likely to get wrong results due to white coat syndrome.

3. What is the difference between remote cuff blood pressure monitors and traditional blood pressure monitors?

TeleRPM™ Blood Pressure Monitor Gen 2 is equipped with a built-in storage module and communication module. It can be used to connect to the cloud platform through 4G wireless technology. It sends the measured and stored historical data and is received by the cloud platform, then it is directly presented to users in a certain way (mobile app, webpage graphics, text, etc.).

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