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Do you know that your sleep has a significant effect on your health?  Sleep is as important as a balanced diet, and regular exercise is for a healthy life. Getting enough sleep is necessary for the well-being of individuals. Due to a busy lifestyle, people pay less focus on their sleep routines. This is causing an increase in health-related issues. So, adequate sleep is necessary to refreshen your mind and soul.

Benefits of good sleep

Getting enough sleep poses major benefits on your life that includes 

  1. Increase your activity

  2. Better concentration and productivity

  3. Better health state

  4. Prevents stress

  5. Cheers you up

  6. Increase in cognitive abilities

  7. Strengthen immune system

The problems related to sleep deprivation

According to research, 7-8 hours of adequate sleep is important for everyone. In case of sleep deprivation or disturbance in the sleeping pattern may result in serious health disorders. Poor sleep harms your mental health, hormones, and performance.  According to research, 54 percent of respondents stated worry/stress affected their sleep. Insufficient sleep may cause fatigue, decreased cognitive focus, altered mood, obesity, anxiety, cardiac diseases, and depression.

The importance of getting enough sleep

Sleep disorders

Some common sleep disorder types are

  1. Insomnia: It is characterized by difficulty in falling/ staying asleep.

  2. Sleep apnea: It results in abnormal breathing patterns during sleep.

  3. Restless leg syndrome: It results in an urge to move the legs while falling asleep.

  4. Narcolepsy: It is characterized by extreme sleepiness during the day.

Factors affecting sleep

Various factors play a role in disturbing sleep patterns

  • Circadian Rhythm

  • Aging

  • Psychological Stressors

  • Substances

  • Bedroom environment

Tips to get adequate sleep

Following are the major tips to improve your sleep if you are suffering from sleep deprivation.

Maintain a good sleep pattern: 

Sleep at the same time, and get up at almost the same time regularly. Avoid changing your timings of sleep. It is preferred to sleep early and get up early in the morning.

Avoid substances:

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and smoking. They can cause sleep deprivation and may result in insomnia.

Do regular exercise:

Regular exercise before going to bed is very necessary to get adequate sleep. Exercise makes you feel tired that helps in sleep.

Avoid eating before going to sleep:

Eating just before sleeping may result in digestive system problems. It can result in a disturbance of sleep.

Remove all the distractions from your room:

Place all your gadgets away from yourself. Please avoid using the phone on the bed. It may cause trouble in sleeping.

Avoid irregular or long daytime naps:

Sleep for 15-30 minutes during the day. Long naps during the day make it challenging to sleep on time at night.

Address health issues:

If you are losing out on any health problems or sleeping disorders, consult a physician. Take medications regularly and do proper treatment of health issues.

Create a sleep environment:

A calm environment is necessary for good sleep. Turn off all the lights. Use comfortable pillows and mattress for better sleep. Use blackout curtains to avoid light.

How to track sleep routine?

A fitness tracker is used to track your sleep situation. It also monitors accurate heart rate 24/7 as well as records daily activities such as steps, calories, etc.

The importance of getting enough sleep

Where to Buy?

Transtek is a top-rated OEM/ODM/JDM Company. It is well known for its design and quality in manufacturing medically approved products, smart wearable technologies, and electronic healthcare scales. 

Transtek is dedicated to research & development and focuses on technology innovation. It provides more advanced and smart solutions for its customers. Transtek has been integrating resources and creating a "Concept-to-Volume" platform. It offers design, quality, solution, and manufacturing services to top-notch brands worldwide for medical and healthcare technology products.

Fitness Tracker Transtek:

Transtek new fitness tracker that coming soon recently will help you have a good sleep. With the below features: Accurate heart rate and continuous SPO2 monitor, Sleep status analysis and guidance, etc., the comfortable band which is good for sleep, sleep analysis.

  1. We are currently providing 

  2. Transtek activity tracker

  3. Transtek Waterproof Heart Rate Monitor

  4. Transtek Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

  5. Auto Sleep Tracking Fitness Tracker

We are providing light and thin trackers with multiple sport modes and fashionable design. Our devices improve your sleep quality. We offer a skin-friendly wristband that ensures safe and sound sleep. Additionally, our devices have multiple fashionable plates in the app. Our devices have

  • Health feature

  • Sports feature

  • Communication Feature

  • Lifestyle Feature

  • App-connected Feature

So, suppose you face issues while sleeping and want to get adequate sleep. In that case, you must try these products as they are innovative and come with standout features like 24/7 heart rate monitoring, waterproof, premium design, direct USB charge, and long-lasting battery timing. Our devices also provide automatic sleep tracking and sleep stages, sedentary reminders, and goal achievement reminders.

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