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1. Remote patient monitoring in clinical trials

Clinical trial is an important part of medical research and treatment. With the continuous development of clinical trials, the equipment and processes used in these trials are more critical than ever before, especially the digital tools developed from wireless sensor and network technology. Tools related to remote patient monitoring can provide high-quality data about patients remotely through automatic and continuous data capture of medical wearable sensors.

Generally, clinical trials are carried out in research centers such as medical institutions, and some data depend on the information reported by the subjects themselves at home. Even before COVID-19, the process encountered problems in terms of continuity and test compliance. In today’s medical and health field, the limited staffing and resources make face-to-face interaction more difficult, which also leads to the interruption of many experiments.

In order to adapt to this environment and make continuous progress, digital tools (especially remote patient monitoring technology) are gradually becoming an efficient and accurate means of patient monitoring and data collection. Sensor-based digital tools can continuously measure many aspects of health status from anywhere, which means that potential subjects do not need to live in specific geographical areas. This will help expand the potential scope of clinical trials, make them open to more participants and expand the coverage.

However, no matter how many subjects are involved or where they are located, one of the most critical aspects of any test is continuous and accurate data collection. In the past, subjects were asked to take the responsibility of measuring and reporting physiological information or symptoms during they are stay at home. With remote patient monitoring, it can be automated. For example, wearable temperature sensors can automatically and continuously provide more complete data sets, instead of being required to record and report body temperature three times a day, which provides an opportunity for missing limited data points.

2. Remote patient monitoring technology makes data continuity possible

Continuity, usually defined by the industry, is physiological data that can be continuously obtained and applied to obtain more data to greatly improve the safety and effectiveness of drug development. Before remote patient monitoring, this is not feasible in terms of technology or practicality. In terms of technology, in order to continuously and reliably capture patient data from remote areas, it is essential to integrate existing and affordable sensors, networks and cloud access. A common problem of continuous data capture under remote patient monitoring is intermittent network disconnection, whether it is Bluetooth, WiFi or the Internet. Therefore, the type of remote patient monitoring solution selected is very important to ensure the data integrity of the entire data path.

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