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How much is an electronic body weight scale? What are the tips on selecting an electronic body weight scale? These are common questions many people may ask before they buy an electronic body weight scale. We often focus on the price before we buy a product, and then we will consider the brand. However, the price of electronic body weight scales varies because there are many brands and varieties of electronic scales on the market.

Ⅰ. About the electronic body weight scale

The electronic body weight scale is an intelligent weight measuring device. Compared with the traditional pointer scale, it has the advantages of high measuring accuracy, locking display and convenient reading. It is mainly used for the measurement of body weight data in physical health test. Electronic body weight scales are widely used in sports, medical, labor, school and national fitness activities. It is one of the necessary instruments for students' physical health test.

Electronic body weight scale belongs to the technical field of electronic weighing apparatus. The electronic body weight scale includes decorative cover, nameplate and keys on the upper cover, the sensor and the balance foot on the lower cover, and the circuit board, battery box, and liquid crystal plate in the scale body which is composed of the upper and lower covers. The scale has a USB interface that can connect with a USB disk. The USB interface connects to the circuit board. The USB disk has memory programs including weighing date, weight trend curve, BMI, body fat percentage, etc.

Ⅱ. What are the tips for selecting the electronic body weight scale?

1. Select according to the of the electronic body weight scale. There are generally two appearances of electronic body weight scales in the market: square and round. When standing on a scale, we ca feel that the square scales are more comfortable, stable and have more standing area than the round scales. A relatively stable state can make the weighing more accurate.

2. Check if the electronic body weight scale shows the correct unit. The purpose of using an electronic body weight scale is to know our own weight accurately at any time. Therefore, the accuracy of the scale is related to the accuracy of the measured weight. Cheap health scales tend to display integers, while brand scales can display decimals.

3. Check if the electronic body weight scale has the function of intelligent on/off. We should choose a scale with the intelligent on/off function. High quality health scales are designed with intelligent weighing, and switches are not necessary. When people stand on the health scale, the health scale will automatically start and measure the weight. After stopping using for a few seconds, the scale can automatically power off, which is convenient and durable.

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