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1. Benefits of remote health monitoring system for patients

More convenient access to medical assistance: It may be difficult to go to the doctor’s office for routine examination, because patients must take time on the way to the hospital, wait in a crowded hospital environment, and then return home. This becomes more difficult for elderly and disabled patients and people living in rural areas. Sometimes, regular examination is just to confirm whether the patient feels well and is on the right track of faster recovery. The remote health monitoring system solution can help patients keep in touch with their nursing team in a comfortable home without going to the medical institution for routine examination, thus saving time and cost.

Early symptom detection and timely intervention: remote patient monitoring can help patients maintain a balanced health status at every point of the nursing cycle-from detecting problems to initial diagnosis to outpatient treatment to recovery after discharge. Continuous remote monitoring ensures that the patient's response to drugs is controlled and detecting disconcerting patterns before deterioration. Because of its initiative, the remote health monitoring system allows more time for suppliers to make tradeoff decisions, which has a positive impact on patients' short-term and long-term health outcomes.

Increases patient engagement: The patient engagement strategy of most healthcare companies usually depends on the relationship established between patients and their healthcare teams. The remote health monitoring system supports patients around the clock, making them more self-disciplined and confident of successful recovery. Personally, they can better control their health by following the treatment plan and receiving the reminder to keep on track. At the same time, patients can get valuable advice and feedback on the collected vital signs and feel support throughout the process.

2. Value of remote health monitoring system to suppliers

Optimizes operational efficiency and plan: medical emergencies bring huge burden to medical institutions, make emergency department (ED) overloaded, disrupt the use management plan, and force clinical staff to work overtime frequently. The provider can reduce the workload of ED through the emergency prevention method of the remote health monitoring system. Prevention and real-time health tracking will help control health-related problems and keep the clinical environment in order.

Reduces costs and maximizes reimbursement: In a perfect world, every healthcare organization tries to maintain low costs, provide high-quality care, and obtain reimbursement in the traditional way. However, since this perfection cannot be achieved, suppliers can turn to remote patient monitoring solutions to eliminate uncontrollable costs and achieve optimal performance.

TRANSTEK remote medical monitoring is an integral part of remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices that including BP cuff, weight scale, BGM and activity tracker, the measurement data meet needs of reimbursement by CMS.

The key is to establish a network of providers, payers and patients to make medical services transparent and direct. The remote health monitoring system solution brings all parties in the care cycle together, so that everyone can understand the patient’s health status and current needs. This makes communication instant, which can prevent crises, reduce hospitalization and readmission rates. When key issues are controlled, costs will reduce and reimbursement will increase.

Founded in 2002, Transtek is committed to multiple health fields such as remote health and chronic disease management, providing customers with medical-grade "RPM devices" and "cloud services". Besides, Transtek has established a co-branded solution named TeleRPM since 2022, it stands for Quality & Value which is the best of Transtek. TeleRPM is open and scalable, together we will leverage our expertise to help customers realize greater value, potential and outcomes.

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