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1. The role of body weight scales

As we all know, the function of the body weight scale is to measure the body weight. It can accurately measure the weight of the human body. People can know their weight control in a certain period of time through daily weight changes. Weight control is the basis of health management. Therefore, it is best for modern people to have a body weight scale in each family to control the weight of the whole family, which is a very important item to ensure the health of the whole family. For families with pregnant women, body weight scales are even more indispensable.

2. Is it necessary to buy a body weight scale?

After pregnancy, pregnant women will inevitably gain weight, but some pregnant women think that it is enough to know their weight during regular pregnancy check-ups, but some pregnant women think that they must make daily records to grasp the weight data and understand the health of themselves and their babies. So, is it necessary to buy a body weight scale during pregnancy? Pregnant women who gain too much weight during pregnancy, or are overweight, are at increased risk for PIH and gestational diabetes. This added weight is a heavy burden on the heart, blood vessels, and back and legs. If you have gained more than 10kg by the 20th week of your baby, you should pay attention to your diet. Therefore, regular preventive check-ups are very important, and the doctor will tell you how much weight gain is appropriate for your baby. If you buy a body weight scale, you can monitor your weight changes every day, and you can easily manage your own and your baby's health by combining it with the standard chart for pregnant women's weight gain.

3. Is it necessary to buy a baby body weight scale?

The growth and development of the baby is the concern of every parent. The baby's physical development includes nearly 10 items such as weight, length, head circumference, and chest circumference. Among them, weight and length are important indicators, and parents should observe closely. Among them, body weight is very important, it represents the total weight of various organs, tissues and body fluids in the body. It can timely reflect the baby's recent nutritional status and diseases, so it is of great significance to weigh the baby regularly. Under normal circumstances, it is best for babies under 6 months to be tested once a month, 6 months to 1 year old every 3 months, 1 year old and above every six months, and 3 years old and above once a year. It can be seen that the baby body weight scale is necessary. You can take off the baby's clothes to weigh the baby when the baby is taking a bath. This is more accurate, and the baby can continue to use the baby body weight scale when the baby is older, and the whole family can use it. Some people have even come up with other ways to weigh babies. For example, we can use an adult body weight scale, hold the baby and weigh it once, and then subtract the adult's weight to get the baby's weight.

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