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1. Definition of telehealth monitoring

In a broad sense, telehealth monitoring uses telecommunication technology, holographic technology, new electronic technology and computer multimedia technology to give play to the advantages of medical technology and equipment in large medical centers to provide remote medical information and services for poor medical and health conditions and special environments. It includes remote diagnosis, remote consultation and nursing, remote education, telehealth monitoring information services and other medical activities. In a narrow sense, it refers to telehealth monitoring, including remote imaging, remote diagnosis and consultation, remote nursing and other medical activities.

2. Use of telehealth monitoring

The telehealth monitoring includes telehealth monitoring consultation, remote medical education, establishment of multimedia medical care consulting system, etc. Remote medical monitoring consultation establishes a new connection between medical experts and patients, so that patients can receive consultation from remote experts in the original place and hospital and receive treatment and nursing under their guidance, which can save doctors and patients a lot of time and money. The telehealth monitoring uses computer, communication, medical technology and equipment to realize the "face-to-face" consultation between experts and patients, experts and medical personnel in different places through the remote transmission of data, text, voice and image. Remote medical monitoring is not only a medical or clinical issue, but also includes communication networks, databases and other aspects, which need to be integrated into the network system.


Remote patient monitoring can enable patients in remote areas and without good medical conditions to obtain sound diagnosis and treatment, such as rural areas, mountainous areas, field survey sites, air, sea, battlefield, etc., and also enable medical experts to conduct consultations on patients in different spatial locations at the same time.

3. Compared with face-to-face consultation, what do patients like most about telehealth monitoring?

Remote patient monitoring is different from face-to-face consultation. Parents and children feel more comfortable in their own homes, and doctors can better understand children’s situations in natural situations. Since family members do not have to travel, go through admission procedures, do all kinds of examinations, and do not have to wait in the hospital, they are more calm and efficient when talking about their diseases. When a doctor conducts a remote consultation, the children usually feel free. Some sit in a chair and eat bagels, others are held by their brother and walk around the house so that doctors can see the children climbing stairs to better understand their motor function. However, face-to-face consultation is more convenient for examination and better interaction. These two medical models have their own advantages, and telehealth monitoring cannot completely replace face-to-face consultation.

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