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1. The connectivity of RPM

Connectivity is the priority when selecting the best RPM device. We should consider how specific devices transmit patient data, and how reliable, convenient and fast the network connection provided by certain device types is. The two main connection types provided by RPM devices on the market are Bluetooth and cellular connection. Bluetooth RPM device transmits data through wireless connection, and can access the data through Internet connection. Cellular RPM devices use a wide range of mobile networks to transmit patient data. Companies providing these types of devices cooperate with major mobile network providers. The two connection types have their advantages and disadvantages. The final decision depends on the patient group be served through the RPM program and its overall ability.

Advantages of cellular connection: cellular network provides the most reliable connection because cellular companies have perfect and extensive connections and faster data transmission capability. Data can be transmitted in real time using cellular connection without any delay. Healthcare providers can immediately access patient data and provide advice or call patients for emergency access when needed. The cellular blood pressure monitor is easy to use, which is very convenient for patients who do not know much about technology. These devices require minimal setup, and program operators do not have to spend a long time on patient induction and training.

Advantages of Bluetooth connection: The main advantage of Bluetooth RPM device is that there is no network interruption. Because Bluetooth devices transmit data through wireless networks and do not rely on cellular networks, patients will never encounter power failure problems. Most RPM devices on the market use Bluetooth connection, so there are many options to choose from. In fact, many patients already have Bluetooth enabled devices, which makes the work of healthcare providers easier.

2. Continuous access to health data

For nursing teams and doctors, continuous and unimpeded access to patient data is very important. This is why we should ensure that the device selected for the program has a real-time data transmission function so that patients can record and transmit their data to their doctors every day or even every hour. TeleRPM Scale Gen 2 is very important for patients with chronic diseases such as congestive heart failure (CHF), cirrhosis and other obesity related problems. 4G wireless smart scale provides accurate weight data for remote patients, which is connected to the health monitoring platform.

3. Patient analysis driven by AI

The data collected by RPM equipment needs to be analyzed to send treatment suggestions and emergency alarms. If your program has AI-supported analysis, the classification and analysis of patient data will become more accurate, fast, and convenient, and any possibility of defects from doctors will be eliminated.

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