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1. What is telehealth blood pressure monitor?

A study conducted in 2019 examined the effectiveness of telemedicine-based blood pressure management nursing. The combination of home telemedicine and nursing management of central public health nurses is feasible and effective for improving blood pressure control of hypertension patients. A person's blood pressure is measured by two numbers. One is systolic pressure, which is the reading of the pressure exerted in the artery during each heartbeat. The other is diastolic pressure, which is the value of the arterial pressure measured during your heart's contraction.

2. Use of telehealth blood pressure monitor

In some cases, telemedicine may be your best choice:

1) View your health history: Your provider may request a remote health screening appointment before scheduling a personal visit. You may be asked about any potential symptoms or health changes, and whether you have any family history of hypertension or any related diseases. Your healthcare provider will also view any test results or past blood pressure readings.

2) Blood pressure monitoring at home: Your provider may require you to monitor your blood pressure at home and view the results through a telemedicine appointment. This is called self blood pressure monitoring. Regular monitoring may be required over time. TeleRPM BPM Gen 1, a specially designed blood pressure monitor approved by FDA as Class II medical device, is recommended for home use of remote blood pressure monitor. It can provide services for patients who need remote patient monitoring (RPM). The wireless BP cuff TeleRPM BPM Gen 1 measures systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and pulse rate, and then transmits accurate real-time data to the medical care platform quickly through encrypted 4G wireless technology.

3) Unable to make an appointment in person: If you can't easily use transportation and have no opportunity to spare time from work to go to your provider's office, or for the elderly, choosing a telehealth blood pressure monitor may be the simplest choice.

4) Consult your doctor about the prescription: If you need the authorization of the provider to supplement your medicine or need to consult about any new prescription, virtual telemedicine appointment is a simple way for you to seek immediate care. Your healthcare provider will send your prescription to a pharmacy near you.

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