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Remote healthcare refers to the remote diagnosis, treatment and consultation of patients in remote areas, islands or ships with poor medical conditions, relying on computer technology, remote sensing, telemetry and remote control technology, giving full play to the advantages of medical technology and medical equipment in large hospitals or specialized medical centers. It is a new medical service aimed at improving the level of diagnosis and medical treatment, reducing medical expenditure and meeting the health care needs of the masses. At present, remote healthcare technology has developed from the initial television monitoring and telephone remote diagnosis to the comprehensive transmission of digital, image and voice using high-speed network, and realized real-time voice and high-definition image communication, providing a broader development space for the application of modern medicine.

1. Convenient remote healthcare monitoring

Remote consultation has shortened the distance between people, patients and doctors. Remote consultation enables doctors to think, summarize and analyze patients' conditions comprehensively and carefully without the presence of patients, so as to make correct diagnosis and formulate scientific and appropriate treatment plans. It not only improves the accuracy of diagnosis, but also saves patients' visit time, thus eliminating the inconvenience of patients' long-distance travel, registration and queuing.

2. Rapid remote healthcare monitoring

Remote healthcare monitoring saves patients' valuable time and energy, and creates a fast and convenient "green channel" for patients. With the development of science and technology and the progress of communication tools, remote healthcare monitoring will gradually replace the traditional way that patients must visit in person, so that patients can get diagnosis and treatment from relevant doctors at home without leaving home, which can save money, effort and time. Through remote healthcare monitoring, doctors' diagnosis opinions can be obtained in a very short time, which is conducive to the hospital and patients to grasp the best opportunity for diagnosis and treatment.

3. Remote healthcare monitoring economy

From the long-term trend, the development of remote healthcare will undoubtedly significantly reduce the overall medical costs. However, in the short and medium term, the development of remote diagnosis and treatment still has uncertainties from policies and markets, especially how to prevent overuse, misdiagnosis and drug abuse from users. With the expansion and development of the scale, the market will find solutions to these problems, thus promoting the sound development of remote healthcare. The remote healthcare system not only realizes the treatment of difficult and miscellaneous diseases, saves the patients' travelling medical expenses, effectively solves the problem of expensive and inaccessible medical services, improves medical services quality, and solves the problem of poverty caused by illness.

Founded in 2002, Transtek is committed to multiple health fields such as remote health and chronic disease management, providing customers with medical-grade "RPM devices" and "cloud services". Transtek has established a co-branded solution named TeleRPM since 2022, it stands for Quality & Value which is the best of Transtek. TeleRPM is an integrated solution which includes cellular blood pressure monitor, cellular weight scale, cellular blood glucose meter and all-round BLE package with AnyHub solution.

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