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Remote healthcare is the combination of modern communication technology, multimedia information technology and modern medical technology. The remote healthcare system can exchange the clinical information of patients in two places, the diagnostic opinions of experts, and provide other relevant medical, teaching and scientific research materials.

1. Emergence of remote healthcare system

The remote healthcare system began in the United States in the late 1950s. Kenneth Bird, Fitzpatiek, etc. in the United States used microwave video to connect a clinic at Boston Logan International Airport with Massachusetts General Hospital for remote healthcare consultation. At the 21st Century Remote Healthcare and Global Health Development Strategy Conference held in Geneva, Switzerland, in December 1997, the participating experts finally defined remote healthcare as follows: remote healthcare system is a system that engages in remote healthcare activities and services through information and communication technology. Its purpose is to promote global health, disease control, patient health care, medical education, health management and related research. From the perspective of the effect of remote healthcare in China, through the remote support of one or more top three hospitals, difficult and severe patients who are in remote areas and have no good medical conditions can really get better diagnosis and treatment in local hospitals.

In recent years, with the development of Internet of Things technology, the popularity of smart phones, and the emergence of portable physical sign monitoring devices such as digital blood pressure meters, blood glucose meters, and electrocardiographs, remote healthcare has gradually entered the community and into the family, providing more targeted and personalized services to individuals. With the cooperation of numerous businesses and medical institutions, there are more and more personal oriented remote healthcare platforms. At the same time, remote healthcare has begun to combine with cloud computing and cloud services. Through these remote monitoring platforms, personal remote monitoring and guidance have been realized, and many personal vital sign parameters can be transmitted to the remote monitoring platform in real time, continuously and uninterruptedly. The diagnosis and health care suggestions of medical staff will be sent back to patients in real time. With the continuous emergence of many medical, information and other new technologies, the prospect of remote healthcare will be very broad.

TeleRPM BPM Gen 1 is a specifically designed FDA approved blood pressure monitor to serve patients who need Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).It's cleared by FDA as a Class II Medical Device. Wireless BP Cuff measures the systolic, diastolic blood pressure, pulse rate, then quickly transmits accurate real-time data via encrypted 4G wireless technology to the healthcare platform.

2. Remote consultation with remote healthcare system

Remote consultation is a process in which experts participating in the consultation carry out interactive diagnosis in different places based on relevant patient information and the preliminary diagnosis of doctors in basic hospitals. In this process, the video conferencing system that synchronizes video and audio is the most important interactive support tool. The patient's course record, examination and results and the primary diagnosis of the primary doctors are the important basis for the consultation of the superior doctors.

The remote healthcare consultation function module is different due to the different consultation processes of each hospital, but the basic consultation functions are the same, including appointment, consultation data transmission, consultation, consultation results download and other functions. For some difficult symptoms, it is necessary to apply for joint consultation with experts from multiple hospitals.

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