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During the COVID-19 pandemic, we become more creative in providing care, and begin to embrace new technologies such as remote patient monitoring. 

Ⅰ. Remote patient monitoring supports effective chronic diseases management for high-risk patients

Patients with chronic diseases usually require frequent follow-up. The better their chronic diseases are managed, the more likely they are to stay healthy for a long time. However, according to many rules of chronic diseases management, it is often not possible for patients to regularly consult their doctors in hospitals, especially during COVID-19, when the risks may outweigh the benefits to patients. So, combining technology-based remote patient monitoring with long-term care management can reduce patients' potential risks for other diseases and facilitate them, thereby deepening their commitment to their care plans and health goals.

Ⅱ. Remote patient monitoring provides better care for all patients, especially those considered at risk

Remote patient monitoring and care management technologies are powerful tools that can be used to identify in a sustainable manner and mitigate social determinants and lifestyles that may be harmful to patients. These technologies can also help patients who may not have access to frequent traditional care. Barriers such as poverty, living in rural areas, poor access to nutrition, and lack of transport can be identified and managed by using smart technologies.

Ⅲ. The future of chronic diseases management by using remote patient monitoring

One hope for stopping the COVID-19 pandemic is to push for greater use of smart technology in healthcare. Before the COVID-19, our healthcare system was somewhat stuck in the old ways, and the technology and concepts for remote patient monitoring have existed. Most stakeholders were unwilling to take risks with their chronic diseases management plans. Therefore,the infectious and deadly nature of the epidemic gives us an incentive to find alternative ways to care for the sick. At the end of the day, the result is a cost-effective care solution that we think will be around for a long time because it works and is good for our entire healthcare system.

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